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Semi-automated smear preparation units are designed to provide an improved method of preparing peripheral blood films using the push or wedge technique.
A total of 228 cases of microbiologically confirmed or clinically diagnosed PTB were encountered during the study period, of which 179 cases were new cases of clinically diagnosed PTB with negative sputum smear and 49 were retreatment PTB cases.
A straightforward change to the public health message women receive that focuses less on sexual activity and more on the long-term health benefits of Pap smear testing may improve health overall and help reduce differences by sexual orientation," said study co-author Alexa Solazzo, a graduate student in the Department of Sociology at Rice University, in a news release.
Tzanck smear is a quick and valuable tool in the diagnosis of patients suffering from varicella.
Patients of smear positive tuberculosis have significantly higher serum CRP levels as compared to smear negative patients.
4-6 Despite these facts, culture remains the gold standard for TB diagnosis as it is the most reliable tool to detect bacilli in smear negative patients which are critical to diagnose and treat.
In case of any discrepancy in smear reading, senior author's decision was considered final.
The time of sputum smear conversion was recorded for each patient considering the treatment initiation time.
I think it will help if I describe how smear test results are divided into three categories.
The sputa of sputum smear negative cases were inoculated on Lowenstein-Jensen medium culture medium to isolate the organism and correlate the culture positivity and negativity in smear negative cases.
If you have any or all of these it is very important to see your doctor, even if your smear test is not due.
Objective: To find out the frequency of precancerous cervical lesions by doing Pap smear.