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smash (something) to smithereens

To break or destroy something into tiny, fragmentary pieces. "Smithereens," first appearing in English in 1829 as "smiddereens," is likely derived from the Irish word "smidirín" or "smidiríní," meaning "fragment." The demolition crew brought in the wrecking ball, which smashed the house to smithereens in a matter of hours. The typhoon's gale-force winds have been smashing the village to smithereens over the last few days.
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smash the teapot

To resume drinking alcohol after a time of sobriety. The "teapot" here is likely a reference to the term "teetotaler"—one who does not drink alcohol. A: "But Paul's been sober for years. Has he really smashed the teapot?" B: "Yes! I saw him drunkenly stumbling out of the pub last night."
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mod. excellent; really tremendous. This whole meal has been smashing.
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Become the ultimate fighter by smashing the wooden brick, steel wall, stone barrier or anything in front of you with annihilating punches, wrecking taekwondo kicks or shattering powerful headbutt until the wall breaks down.
Detectives have also been collecting CCTV footage to identify the suspect, who they say appears to have been outside the shop for several minutes before smashing the window.
Geraghty admitted smashing ornaments and pictures with a baseball bat in June 2007.
He's come smashing through the security gate and smashed right into the Audi, which has triggered off this train of smashes.
SANDI Thom had a smashing time after rehearsals for her Edinburgh Hard Rock Cafe gig yesterday.
Employees saw the vandal smashing his Ford van's rear bumper into parked cars and even chased him once, got his license plate number and had surveillance camera footage of him, but deputies couldn't find him, Cunneff said.
THE Smashing Pumpkins are rumoured to be re-forming after six years.
Merseyside Police said that it hit numerous cars before finally smashing into a lamp post on the corner of Bentley Road, Toxteth in Liverpool.
The court heard that Roxberry of Pentwyn, Cardiff, had thrown a wine bottle at the Phones 4 You store in Queen Street, before picking up a workman's shovel and smashing windows in a further 22 stores.
All the piggybank smashing takes place in the UK in June after which the 20 winners will be flown to Amsterdam for a weekend break.
No-one was in the club shop at the time as they would have been killed when the Terex truck came smashing in.
It takes into account an asteroid's kinetic energy--a measure of its size and speed--and the percentage chance of its smashing into Earth.
Using a high-energy accelerator is like trying to figure out how a watch works by smashing it with a sledgehammer, then examining the fragments.
Very few in the industry can show you the ins and outs of CSS like Eric Meyer and inside Smashing CSS Eric provides techniques that are thorough, utterly useful, and universally applicable in the real world.
April 30, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Smashing Boxes announced today it will launch the first surfing app for the Apple Watch.