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all to smash

Completely destroyed or ruined, either literally or figuratively. After the accident, my car was all to smash. Their company is all to smash now that the stock market has plummeted.
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smash (something) to smithereens

To break or destroy something into tiny, fragmentary pieces. "Smithereens," first appearing in English in 1829 as "smiddereens," is likely derived from the Irish word "smidirín" or "smidiríní," meaning "fragment." The demolition crew brought in the wrecking ball, which smashed the house to smithereens in a matter of hours. The typhoon's gale-force winds have been smashing the village to smithereens over the last few days.
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smash the teapot

To resume drinking alcohol after a time of sobriety. The "teapot" here is likely a reference to the term "teetotaler"—one who does not drink alcohol. A: "But Paul's been sober for years. Has he really smashed the teapot?" B: "Yes! I saw him drunkenly stumbling out of the pub last night."
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smash hit

a play, movie, musical, etc., that is a big success. Her first book was a smash hit. The second was a disaster. A smash hit doesn't always make people rich.
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smash into something

to crash into something; to bump or crash into something. Judy smashed into the coffee table and hurt her leg. The car smashed into the side of a bus and caused a lot of damage.
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smash out of something

to break [one's way] out of something. The prisoner smashed out of his cell and ran. The horse smashed out of its stable.
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smash someone's face in

1. Fig. to crush someone's face. The accident smashed Harry's face in, and he had to have extensive surgery. The accident smashed in his face.
2. Inf. to strike someone in the face. You had better stop that or I will smash your face in. Max tried to smash in Lefty's face.
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smash something in

to crush something inward; to make something collapse inward by striking it. Andy gave one good kick and smashed the box in. Liz smashed in the window.
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smash something up

to break something up; to destroy something. I hope the children don't smash any of the good china up if we use it tonight. The driver fell asleep and smashed up the car.
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smash through something

to break [one's way] through some sort of barrier. The fleeing car smashed through the police barrier. Max got angry and smashed through the office door.
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smash hit

An outstanding success, as in She was a smash hit in the role of the governess, or His first book was a smash hit but this one isn't doing well. [c. 1920]
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smash somebody’s ˈface/ˈhead in

(British English, informal) hit somebody very hard in the face/head: Give me the money or I’ll smash your head in.
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a ˌsmash ˈhit

(informal) (of a record, play or film/movie) very popular and a great success: Still at number one, it’s The Rubber Band, with their smash hit, ‘Love me’.The actress Donna May has been in 15 Broadway smash hits.
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blow, smash, etc. something to smitheˈreens

(informal) destroy something completely by breaking it into small pieces: The bomb blew the car to smithereens.


n. wine. (Streets. Because it is made from smashed grapes.) I got a bottle of smash in my car.
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SHE is the voice behind some of this summer's biggest tracks, the Erick Morillo/Eddie Thoneick smasher Stronger and Live Your Life Be Free and you can hear the fabulous Shawnee Taylor above performing it tomorrow night at Kingdom in Liverpool.
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