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smash (something) to smithereens

To break or destroy something into tiny, fragmentary pieces. "Smithereens," first appearing in English in 1829 as "smiddereens," is likely derived from the Irish word "smidirín" or "smidiríní," meaning "fragment." The demolition crew brought in the wrecking ball, which smashed the house to smithereens in a matter of hours. The typhoon's gale-force winds have been smashing the village to smithereens over the last few days.
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be smashed to smithereens

To be broken apart or otherwise destroyed into tiny, fragmentary pieces. "Smithereens," first appearing in English in 1829 as "smiddereens," is likely derived from the Irish word "smidirín" or "smidiríní," meaning "fragment." I wish I could still go visit our old family home, but it's already been smashed to smithereens by the demolition crew. The village was smashed to smithereens by the typhoon's gale-force winds.
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smash the teapot

To resume drinking alcohol after a time of sobriety. The "teapot" here is likely a reference to the term "teetotaler"—one who does not drink alcohol. A: "But Paul's been sober for years. Has he really smashed the teapot?" B: "Yes! I saw him drunkenly stumbling out of the pub last night."
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mod. alcohol or drug intoxicated. He was so smashed he couldn’t stand up.
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The woman had just gone upstairs at her home at Mourne Avenue, the Glen, when the truck smashed into her kitchen.
LINTHWAITE | A Cube mountain bike was stolen from a car parked on Tommy Lane on August 10 after a window was smashed at 8pm.
But the damage had only just begun, with the smash having a domino effect which sent the Audi crashing into a Mercedes, which smashed into a Hyundai and continued for a chain of three more cars.
Two weeks ago the jewellery shop was targeted by a man who smashed a window and grabbed watches.
The car smashed a wooden support post and a length of fencing at the entrance to the allotment, missing a steel gate by inches.
The court was told Roxberry had smashed the windows of some of the most well-known stores in Cardiff, including McDonald's, Marks and Spencer, Gap, Next and comic shop Forbidden Planet.
A Vauxhall Corsa was stolen on Grasscroft Road on February 22, after the window was smashed.
Two cars had windows smashed in Gun Lane, and two cars were targeted in the Uplands.
LANCASTER - Vandals smashed 41 windows early Wednesday at a Lancaster medical office.
They smashed a large ground-floor window before being disturbed by the licensee.
A 31-year-old man who smashed two windows in a parked car was spared jail.
A Rover 200 and VW Polo both had a window smashed and a CD-radio was taken from each vehicle.
13 when someone smashed a nativity scene in front of the Boron Chamber of Commerce meeting place as well as floodlights focused on the scene.
SALENDINE NOOK: August 22 Window of a Ford Transit was smashed to steal tools.