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The importance of smartness has decreased in both subsamples, and hard work only in the Estonian subsample (see Table 3).
It emerges that the city's quest towards smartness preceded the Central government's Smart Cities Mission by six years.
During the show, Seidor aims to highlight a number of its latest offerings including its 'Happiness, Smartness and Safety' measurement dashboards, Startup Support Programme and range of SAP Cloud solutions, which helps to accelerate digital transformation in the region through creating new Value and life-changing benefits for companies and young Entrepreneurs.
For instance, he argues that professors "attach such great importance to research and scholarship because they have created a culture that venerates smartness, but they happen to be employed in institutions where their main responsibility is to educate students.
Main objective of the World Smart City is to identify the biggest challenges to building smartness into an existing city, or developing a smart city from the ground up.
The probabilities of a city raising its degree of smartness are contingent on several country-specific variables that outweigh its economic, technological and green advancement rate.
There is a need for a framework to define the degrees of the smartness of public services in cities today, according to Ramez Shehadi, executive vice president and managing director, Booz Allen Hamilton.
The current results confirm the smartness of the market and technology repositioning actions we carried out in 2013," says Stefano Lupi, CEO.
Following an in depth literature review, this paper highlights deficiencies in the main models measuring smartness of SSCs and suggests a multidimensional methodological model that assists in evaluating the smartness level of a city while being sensitive to its context.
Ian Watson, Salford's acting coach with Iestyn Harris still on sick leave, said: "The effort was there but smartness wasn't.
The pupils wore white lab coats and worked against the clock to help the professor regain his smartness by the end of the session.
The core enablers of the smartness of these cities are two: one, automation that enhances basic efficiency of transactions and processes and two, information, the analysis of which make the future planning easier.
Going for comfort over smartness in a royal blue tracksuit, the 21-year-old forward picked up cash before the couple visited a furniture store in London to view kitchen suites.
It's time we really woke up and resourced smartness where it truly lies: in our ability to make choices based on awareness versus relegating "smart'' propelled by slick marketing of the latest device/program.
The Google Inbox app by Gmail again shows its smartness by enabling users to snooze particular emails.