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I urge readers to take this opportunity to start shopping smartly and to enjoy a very merry Christmas with the money they save.
He has been duly rewarded as the Dance Smartly was the mare's third win.
The attacker is described as white, in his 20s and smartly dressed.
BAG LADY: The smartly dressed woman thief is captured on CCTV walking out of the wedding hotel with her gift haul
The ever-practical Frugal Watch reveals how to spend smartly as an expat on a budget, from tips on house-hunting to getting rid of household pests.
Then, too, he smartly divides the book into seven critical roles that the CFO must play.
In Tying Flies Like A Pro, experienced angler Marty Bartholomew explains how to create a smartly tied fly including the short-cuts and techniques used by experts to create attractive, durable, and effective flies to lure fish upon a hidden hook.
My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid gets more than 60 miles per gallon when I drive it smartly.
WASHINGTON -- Moving smartly ahead to achieve the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)'s objectives of Sea Enterprise, the Navy's Systems Commands have recently issued joint guidance that provides a collaborative business framework for improving interoperability and providing enhanced support to the fleet.
Visitors to the wild animal park in Shenzhen, China, last spring saw a smartly dressed rhesus monkey pick lice from the feathers of a parrot.
The 18 smartly dressed students swore their allegiance to Young Unity--whose sole ideology, like United Russia, is to support President Vladimir Putin--in a school assembly hall decorated with national flags and United Russia banners.
Further, the music and vocals that accompany the pieces are smartly thought out, and make brilliant use of the polyrhythms in both.
But Grimsby pressed for a way back into the game late on and were only kept at bay by a fine save from Billy Turley, who reacted smartly to keep out Thomas Pinault's 82nd-minute header.
Sharon Voros investigates Ana Caro's poetic account of public spectacles, Relaciones de fiestas, smartly teasing out covert meanings from her appropriation of this commissioned genre.
The Carry Den is a smartly constructed travel case for pets that is stylish and functional, and it fits under an airplane seat.