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He then walked away smartly, with a last look at the besieged tower.
At length Captain Osborne made his appearance, very smartly dressed, but very pale and agitated as we have said.
Godfrey hit him back again rather more smartly than became a gentleman of his benevolent character.
I had been more irritated by the manner in which he and his companion had dogged my steps all the way from Old Welmingham than I was myself aware of, and I unfortunately pushed the fellow away smartly with my open hand.
It was of exactly the same size as the volume in the vestry, the only difference being that the copy was more smartly bound.
The second man was smartly dressed and wore glasses.
raised, first-time writer-director Nimrod Antal smartly keeps the crime line to the side.
Toure, an author and popular social commentator, draws on his awareness of today's popular culture amusingly and smartly as very few writers have.
The Nuneaton defence buckled and but for several fine saves by the promising Chris MacKenzie, the Greens would not have had to wait until the 80th minute for their third goal, which was smartly put away by former Carlisle striker Jonny Allan, who improves with every game.
Smartly designed and with a haunting soundtrack by Blue Rodeo's Greg Keelor, Clean Rite Cowboy features fine, nuanced performances by both Robinson and the luminous MacFayden.
Condominium sales prices and volume both rose smartly in 1996 and townhouse transactions reflected strong buyer enthusiasm, according to REBNY's second annual Manhattan Condominium and Townhouse Sales Report.
Adding to and going beyond traditional sketching while smartly designing with Vista[TM] in mind.
A stylish melange of time period, setting, attire and social rank smartly fuses into a debonair romance.
The characters - none of whom bestow their affections wisely - are a little whacked out, but smartly written and compellingly brought to life by Noble, Gordon, Douglas and Liz Herron (Cathy, the motherly figure who runs the newspaper stand where Genette works).
Previously with Northampton Town, the youngster was recently released by the Cobblers and Lewer has moved in smartly to get White to come to Manor Park.