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smarty pants

1. One who obnoxiously and frequently attempts to assert perceived superiority in intelligence; a know-it-all. Don't be such a smarty pants. You don't know everything.
2. One who makes jokes and uses sarcasm in an attempt to seem witty, but instead is deemed annoying; a smart aleck. OK, smarty pants, are you going to help me, or just stand there mocking me all night?
See also: pant, smarty


n. a cocky person. (Also a term of address.) Well, if you’re such a smarty, why aren’t you rich?


n. a cocky person; a smart aleck. Look, smarty-pants, let’s cut the clowning around.
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The orange sweet is the only sweet that remains flavoured, with the UK being the only country to still have a different flavour for orange Smarties.
Table 1 Examples of Self, Other, and Photograph Trial Types SELF BELIEF TRUE BELIEF True Response False Response If you put the pencils in the If I put the pencils in the smarties box smarties box and I am there and you are there You would think the smarties You would think the smarties box contains box contains PENCILS?
Yesterday Swiss-based Nestle denied Smarties were being relaunched because of sales.
CASH IN A TUBE: Church minister Jill Cheverton, Howard Wisdish (left), of Global Care, and parish council chairman Paul Salisbury with a few of the many Smarties packets full of 20p pieces collected by villagers.
We have already introduced Smarties Bar and Fruity Smarties which have proved a success and the Hexatube is the next exciting stage.
Kelly, 17, of Littlecroft, The Stanners, Corbridge, has handed out 20 tubes of Smarties to family and friends, who will fill them with 20 pence pieces in return.
Being at the center of discovering who is pushing the envelope and seeing great results with mobile marketing is what the Smarties awards are all about.
SMARTIES are 75 today - and maker Nestle is celebrating by bringing back the chocolate's old-style tube.
Sales of Smarties, one of Ireland's biggest selling chocolate sweet, have dropped 6.
Smarties is being given a child-friendly makeover to boost the confectionery's appeal among parents increasingly concerned about the sweets they give to their children.
Kids turned out to be real smarties when they used a sweet treat to raise money for their school.
Smarties have been sold in a cylinder-shaped tube since they were first launched by Rowntree's of York in 1937.
Smarties have been made at Rowntree's of York (now NestlA) since 1937
The makers of Smarties has announced it is ditching the sweet's tube-shape packet after almost 70 years.
Smarties will soon be sold in hip and trendy 'hexatubes'.