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For most parts Payal is the pretty smart cookie who has the boys eating out her hands.
Garlick may not have the cutthroat negotiating skills of Jeremy Peace but he is a lawyer, a smart cookie.
You're a smart cookie and you deserve an apartment experience that lives up to your standards.
She's a massive supporter of children in sport, a smart cookie and anyone who spent years washing their brood's sweaty kits deserves a bit of glamour.
That is what a smart cookie did in Sharjah and many people lost their money and mobile phones to the suspect who terrified them at "gunpoint".
Talk of a ban for Walcott seems a little tough, but really the Arsenal star does need to be told that his actions do not show him to be a particular smart cookie.
Smart cookie cousins and business partners Andrea Daly-Dickson and Leigh Ashbyown and run Two Cousin Bakery in Allesley.
Maybe, despite looking like a smart cookie, you don't know your inflation from your interest or are easily overwhelmed by your overdraft.
The Scotland manager has always struck me as a smart cookie but he excelled himself in the advice he gave his Scotland team when he asked them to play it cool at Wembley last week.
And a proper exam system should measure the results of that process - by giving proper graded and standardised results, so that year on year, one will know that someone with the top grades is genuinely a smart cookie.
She was only a baker's daughter, but she was one smart cookie.
But despite clashing with colleagues and admitting to poor decisions on the manufacturing and branding challenge, the 26-year-old insisted she was still a smart cookie.
Congrats to the smart cookie whose user name is "acw": You're our QRANK:TT winner for May, with a score of 112,218.
Amongst all the jokes, he's a smart cookie," Flower said.
He is probably ahead of where I thought he would be but he's a smart cookie.