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MEMS Technology Expands Opportunities for Smart Sensors II-14
Anyone with a smart code can immediately pay money online, receive money (including from credit cards or any other means provided by the smart-code server), use the code's control center on the Web to change any' of dozens or hundreds of options, and create any number of new children codes (with those options) to give or sell to others.
Although businesses have long realized the necessity of smart card-based physical access control, the adoption of smart card-based logical access control is occurring at a slower rate.
The United States will trail Asia in smart cards for at least 10 years, unless dramatic action is taken," said Dr.
For forward-thinking molders, the good news about smart cards is that an increasing number of them will be injection molded from ABS, as opposed to the laminated PVC sheet that currently dominates plastic card manufacturing.
A hybrid optical memory and integrated-chip smart card has recently been developed that offers the best of both features.
Smart Online's Software-as-a-Service Accounting application is designed to enable small businesses to securely create and maintain accounting books, process invoices, payments, deposits, and manage the user's bank accounts.
The report also describes the most important technological changes within the smart grid industry and assesses their importance for the growth of the market over the long-term.
By teaming up with the world's leader in smart card solutions, we have developed a product that will become the platform of choice for 32-bit smart cards," said Brian Knowles, vice president of marketing for MIPS Technologies.
What type of smart card or biometric ID system(s) are companies currently using?
The IGEL Smart series supports Linux, Windows CE and Windows XPe operating systems and is aimed at value-driven customers who want excellent performance and features for a great price.
NEW YORK -- U3 LLC, creator of the U3 smart drive computing platform, today announced that Webaroo, the world's leading provider of the "Web to Go," will soon release Webaroo for U3, a portable version of Webaroo designed specifically to launch and run from a U3 smart drive.
U3 Developer Community Surpasses 10,000 Downloads as Major Software Companies Develop U3 Smart Applications