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I've never seen an estate agent ever want to get rid of prospective buyers as fast as this smarmy man wanted to.
In that case," I said, "you're not smarmy or bragging.
Now that smarmy "environmental consultant" (road worker) Matt Hicks has been exposed as a cruel imposter, there can't be.
When it came to game shows, Bob turned the genre into an art, commanding up to 17 million viewers for The Golden Shot and with millions more tuning into Celebrity Squares - although his style often made him seem smarmy.
You know the scenario, your phone rings and some smarmy guy tells you that they can change your life forever if you simply forward to them the sum of pounds 150 which will cover the costs for transmitting the award direct into your bank account
There's no shortage of smarmy coming of age tales with the cliche events we all know.
Redford plays a university professor, while in Washington smarmy Senator Tom Cruise tells reporter Meryl Streep about his new military strategy for winning the war in Afghanistan.
Ritalin poster child Jamie Cullum and smarmy Harry Connick Jr.
Each generation is smarmy about its contributions and churlish about the young.
Her soul mate Trout is too shy to pursue her, so she agrees to be his smarmy brother's date instead.
Boteach, the sometimes smarmy author of Kosher Sex and spiritual adviser to celebrities, emerged as one of the sanest and most dignified figures in this particular debate.
Smarmy favourite Jeremy Edwards has drifted from 2-1 to 5-2 to triumph, with second and third-favourites Kenzie and Bez cut.
Whatever,he makes a refreshing change to the smarmy Beckhams and self-fancying David Jameses.
To Fair Rosamund's victimized complaint of her shamed confinement, King Henry answers nothing more sensitive than a smarmy "old kings suffer too.
Original Pirate Material is chock full of bitter resentment, smarmy put-downs, and hell raising, another expression of that fathomless well of despair that has wrought such acts as the Sex Pistols, The Clash, the Specials, UB40, and Chumbawumba--all bristling with unchained fury at the nation's seemingly endless economic woes, which in their little corner of the isle become very, very personal.