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pecoris), which has a similar cuckoo-like habit, and which is most closely allied in every respect to the species from the Plata, even in such trifling peculiarities as standing on the backs of cattle; it differs only in being a little smaller, and in its plumage and eggs being of a slightly different shade of colour.
Smaller Earth UK, which operates via its Camp Leaders and Smaller Earth brands, is reporting a 23% growth in turnover to PS6.
Particle sizes that can be produced with the new method are for example sizes smaller than 100 [micro]m, smaller than 90 [micro]m, smaller than 80 [micro]m, smaller than 70 [micro]m, smaller than 60 [micro]m, smaller than 50 [micro]m, smaller than 40 [micro]m, smaller than 30 [micro]m, smaller than 20 [micro]m, smaller than 10 [micro]m.
INVESTORS who backed smaller companies have had a good year, according to figures from the Association of Investment Companies, which showed smaller companies invariably outperformed in share price terms over the period.
With the numerous conversions of smaller commercial and residential properties to condominium and co-op ownership, this issue is getting more attention.
How this benefited the smaller, isolated communities is certainly not obvious.
The participants who received a larger bowl served and ate 31 percent more ice cream than those who got a smaller bowl.
The head of Brazil's airports authority, Infraero, said the Gol aircraft collided with another smaller plane, Globo news agency reported.
Physicists have built tiny instruments sensitive enough to detect single molecules of DNA, and the construction of these sensors generally follows a simple rule: the smaller the better.
New internal control guidance for smaller public companies has been issued by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO).
Smaller is proving to be better in several different areas of expandable bead molding.
The company is responding to lower flying heights through the use of smaller Femto sliders.
Among women who had initially smoked, a significantly smaller proportion of those who quit than of their counterparts who continued smoking delivered a low-birth-weight infant (9% vs.
A new smaller, faster, more reliable drive has already been introduced by Sun, IBM, and HP.
Recyclers can choose between the smaller models--l,300- to 1,700-pound lift capacities--all the way up the scale to the largest machines, which can lift up to 3,000 pounds.