small hours

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the small hours (of the night/morning)

The very early hours after midnight. I was studying for the exam until the small hours of the morning, and now I can barely keep my eyes open! We all danced until the small hours of the night. I love the small hours, when few are awake and one can be alone with one's thoughts.
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small hours

Also, wee hours. The hours following midnight, as in I stayed up working through the small hours, or The parents didn't come home until the wee hours. The adjectives small and wee both refer to the low numbers of those hours (one o'clock, two o'clock, etc.). [c. 1830]
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the ˈsmall/ˈearly hours

(also the wee (small) ˈhours) the period of time very early in the morning, soon after midnight: He died in the early hours of Saturday morning.We stayed up talking into the small hours.
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Runcorn's finest Nicola Roberts has been holed up and partying into the wee small hours in Las Vegas in honour of her pal Cheryl Cole's 30th birthday.
LAHORE -- At least three people hailing from a single family were killed when roof of their house fell on them as a result of lashing rain in today's small hours, media reports said on Saturday.
If it had happened in the wee small hours things could have been quite different.
In a white dress by Kaufman Franco and Saint Laurent heels, the petite star partied until the small hours - despite telling us she'd spent six hours at the mall on her one-day visit to the UAE.
Summary: A diesel tanker truck went up in flames as it was being filled with petroleum in the small hours of Monday.
A TOWN centre bar has lost its licence following a string of violent incidents in the small hours.
The two children died and their father was wounded in the wee small hours of the morning because of the heavy rain which ravaged their house in central Kirkuk," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
In the small hours Sunday, she was transported to a hospital in the St.
According to the spokesman, police killed the man near the settlement of Chanurbe in the small hours on Tuesday, when he offered armed resistance.
PARTY animal Ronaldinho's days of late night fun could be over - his club Flamengo have created a telephone hotline for fans to report sightings of him in the small hours.
Summary: Coalition MPs have tweeted their frustration at Labour for using delaying tactics to keep the Commons sitting into the small hours.
SOME years ago, just before Christmas, I was up in the small hours, struggling with a heavy cold.
Caught on CD and DVD, the setlist is predictably jazz-oriented with songs such as In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning, Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered, and My Funny Valentine, Streisand's voice isn't what it was but still commands respect, with Evergreen and Nobody's Heart winners.
David Laux, divisional director of highways and transportation, said: "We've been planning for this spate of bad weather since late last week, so when the heavy snow started in the small hours of Monday morning, we were already out in force.
The members'-only bar and restaurant for 100 people would open at 9am for breakfast and serve food in the evening, before the party continued into the small hours.
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