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slump down

[for someone] to collapse and fall down; [for someone] to crumple. The shot hit Max and he slumped down. Suddenly, Mr. Wilson slumped down in pain.
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slump down in(to) something

[for someone] to bend down or collapse into something, such as a chair or bed. Gary grabbed at his chest and slumped down into the bed. He slumped down into the chair and draped himself over the arm.
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slump over

[for someone] to collapse and fall over forward in a sitting position. Just after the gunshot, Bruno slumped over and slid from his chair.
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You'll always enter into a sales slump at one time or another, but there are three specific ways to getting out of your slump fast.
Be confident, and stay focused on the sales duties at hand, not letting the slump distract you.
Getting back in the right mindset lays the foundation for breaking free from your slump and getting back to producing stellar results.
A total of 255 people consisting of 42 families have been residing the affected area in the crown region of the slump.
Reports say that shadow banking and credit risks have exacerbated a real estate slump in China
A slump is a cobbler-like dessert that can be traced back to the first American settlers.
Any extra spending Labour did after the slump compared with what a Tory might have done was chickenfeed compared with baling out the banks.
Conwy workers were hit with the second biggest slump in the region, seeing their average earnings fall by 14.
This would seem an apt description for the feelings and behaviors that athletes report during an unexplained slump in performance.
However, you don't need to cut out carbohydrates and fat altogether to avoid the slump and can instead simply reduce your portions.
when you slump, defeated, even in a straight-back chair,
The automated slump management ensures that concrete will always arrive at the job site within the target slump rate.
Increased competition from cheaper imports, the soft housing market and weak consumer confidence, were the main drivers of the slump, the report added.
The trading slump also hurt valuations, with Dubai's index dropping 9.
The share slump ends a two-month revival for the Footsie and comes as fears deepen over the global economy, a falling pound and record slumps in house prices.