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sluice something down

to rinse something down; to flood the surface of something with water or other liquid to clean it. John sluiced the driveway down. Karen sluiced down the garage floor.
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sluice something out

to rinse something out; to flood the inside of something to clean it. Sluice the wheelbarrow out, will you? Please sluice out the wheelbarrow.
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Replacement of the two sluices by underwater divers will cost $367,491, according to Konstantin Eliadi, director of the Worcester's water and sewer operations.
I don't want to find out" what would happen if one of the sluices were opened entirely, the water director said.
The cast-iron sluice gates are 24 inches by 24 inches.
The other sluice will be adjusted soon, and it will be opened to test it, but not at the same time as the first.
Separation of inter-sentential (non-embedded) sluices from intra-sentential (embedded) ones reflects an intuition that the latter are more straightforwardly accounted for when all one has are syntactic tools.
Importantly, my analysis provides coverage of both embedded and non-embedded sluices in the Old English corpus in the hope of clarifying similarities and dissimilarities between them.
It turned up a total of 165 sluices (3) identified by computerized means but not so categorized.
To verify this assumption, I proceed incrementally, first noting the number of violations of structural identity (sprouting) against the total number of sluices in my corpus.
300 of all head sluice and off take sluices under d.
Tenders are invited for fabrication supply and erection of new shutters to additional sluices(boat sluices at santhajutoor head work @k.
Contract notice: Civil engineering replacing the existing dam with a new dam consists of two sluices.
le this contract is to provide work for civil engineering replacing the existing dam with a new dam consists of two sluices.
3, repairs to sluices and bund of krosuru m i tank near krosuru village & mandal, guntur district.