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slug away (at something)

To continue trying or working diligently (at something); to plug away (at something). I'm really not very good at math, but I've got to keep slugging away if I want to get into an engineering program. John's been slugging away at the new project, but I don't think he's enjoying it very much.
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slug it out

to fight something out; to argue intensely about something. They finally went outside to slug it out. We'll just have to sit down in the conference room and slug it out.
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ˌslog/ˌslug it ˈout

(British English, informal) (of people, organizations, competitors, etc.) fight very hard until one person or group finally wins: The boxers slugged it out to the finish.The two teams will slog it out for second place.
In this idiom, slug and slog are both informal words meaning ‘to hit very hard’.
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1. n. a drink of liquor; a shot of whiskey. Have a slug of this stuff. It will—I’m sorry to say, ma’am—put hair on your chest. A couple more slugs and he was ready to face the huge bull-necked ruffian.
2. n. a bullet. Marlowe sent a couple of slugs into Rocko’s chest. Rocko crumpled soundlessly.

slug it out

tv. to fight something out; to fight about something figuratively. We’ll just have to sit down in the conference room and slug it out.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’m slugged—skunked, you know, corned. And I think I am going to sick up. Ted realized that he was slugged out of his mind, but tried to get the bartender to serve him another drink.
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UK's leading entomologist Dr Ian Bedford said: "It's been estimated that a cubic metre of a garden in the UK could accommodate up to 200 slugs, each of which can have up to 200 off-spring.
GARDENS across the country may be in danger from a slew of alien slug species identified by Welsh scientists.
Fermented sugar water and yeast is cheaper than beer-baited traps and just as functional for drowning slugs.
Just what the slug (for now called Siphopteron species 1) gains by such injections isn't clear yet.
Spanish slugs, Arion vulgaris, are particularly aggressive and large | Spanish slugs, Arion vulgaris, are particularly aggressive and large
The nematodes penetrate the slugs' body and release bacteria to kill the slugs, and should last around six weeks.
You can safely shoot all types of slugs in all types of barrels, but if you use premium-grade sabot ammo in a smoothbore, you're wasting your money and you will likely get less accuracy than with a conventional Foster-type soft lead slug.
Pierce and his colleagues found that unlike other animals, sea slugs can make their own chlorophyll--which means that they have stolen more than just the chloroplasts.
A thorough search of the ornithological and malacological literature revealed no prior evidence of slugs feeding on birds, nor on other live vertebrate prey.
Now, scientists are on a quest to find out how a slug can run on solar power.
Twenty-five years after the birth of the Society for the Legitimization of the Ubiquitous Gastropod, after the crowning of Queen Bruce, the first-ever Slug Queen, our slimy bit of royalty is attracting interest far and wide.
Scientific research shows that the active ingredient in the pellets, when eaten by the slug, degrades very quickly and is not therefore consumed by mammals who subsequently feed on the slugs themselves.
There's enough for parents to groove on as well -- Aardman's character-based comedy, for one, as well as occasional appearances by a band of singing slugs (actual gastropods, like SpongeBob's pet snail, Gary) who manage to take songs we thought we never wanted to hear again (``Don't Worry, Be Happy,'' for starters) and turn them into sly fun.
Humans can become infected by eating the intermediate hosts, slugs and snails, of A.
The robot picks up the extruded slugs and electrical box hardware, and loads both onto the mold cavities.