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and slewy and slued and sloughed (up) (slud and ˈslui and slud...)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Wallace is too slewed to drive.
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See slewed
See also: slue
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The advent of web- and smartphone-related tools has made life much easier for advisors and agents, as a slue of new software and applications are hitting the market every day and creating time- and money saving solutions.
6) Historia de rebus hispanle slue Historia Gothica, ed.
Slue Wave Technology, developer of Pipeline Claims, a leading claims management system for properly/casualty insurance companies, third-party administrators (TPAs), and self-insured organizations, can help you enhance profitability, drive down claim costs and improve customer retention through modern technology with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) available in the insurance industry today,
For three decades, the Liebermans and McCains of the world have collaborated with Wahabiist maniacs like Faisal Shahzad across the continents, while the majority of Pakistanis and Pakistani-Americans stood up against two military dictatorships and a whole slue of Islamic fundamentalist groups.
One mother attempts to stop an "euill Christian" from raping her daughter; both are gruesomely punished: "the Spaniarde drawing his dagger or rapier, cutte off her hande, and slue the young girle with slashes of his weapon: because shee woulde not consent to his appetite.
And bicause some one called him by his name, Cinna: the people thinking that he had bene that Cinna, who in an oration he made had spoken very evill of Caesar, they falling upon him in their rage, slue him outright in the market place.
To je zato sto je knjiga koncipirana kao teorijski prirucnik u kojem niz pojedinacnih slucajeva sluE tek kao polazisna tocka za daljnje promisljanje sveobuhvatnog modela jezicne promjene s posebnim osvrtom na ishode konvergencije i divergencije dijalekata ili, prema navodu samih autora: >>.
63) Hooker recounts how one of Captain Pelham's men "incountered with two lustie Kernes, the one of them he slue, and the other he compelled to carrie his fellows head with him to the campe: which when he had doone, his head also was cut off and laid by his fellowes.