slough off

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slough something off

1. Lit. to brush or rub something off. The snake sloughed its old skin off. It sloughed off its skin.
2. Fig. to ignore or disregard a negative remark or incident. I could see that the remark had hurt her feelings, but she just pretended to slough it off. Liz sloughed off the remark.
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slough off something

also slough something off
to ignore something or behave as if it was unimportant Politicians sloughed off public anger over the hospital cutbacks until several newspapers ran articles about it. He wrecked the car and then tried to slough it off like it was nothing.
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slough off

1. To shed or peel off some outer layer, especially by rubbing or scraping: We need to slough the paint off the pipes before we install them. The snake sloughed off its skin against a rock.
2. To shed or peel off, as an outer layer: My skin is sloughing off because of the dryness.
3. To avoid some work or to work lazily: Your grades are bad because you've been sloughing off your homework a lot recently. After lunch, he sloughed off and played video games.
4. To leave unnoticed; slip away: The kids sloughed off into the woods.
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slough off

See also: off, slough
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Your skin, for example, relies on adult stem cells in the epidermis (outermost skin layer) to replace the millions of cells that die and slough off each day.
Caltrans maintenance crews spot-check the areas to make sure they're being cleaned, and groups that slough off on their responsibilities won't be renewed.
We will slough off our tomb apparel for the garment of immortality.
The sinister distortion of language is, of course, quite deliberate - an Orwellian manipulation of words by carriers to attempt to slough off responsibilities, ones that have been deeply built into cultural experiences of travel and our understanding of it since Charon started to row his boat across the Styx.
Although there are boards who will simply go through the motions and slough off any serious discussion, as well as plenty of CEOs who would like the subject downplayed at the board level until they are ready to discuss it, this would give the serious director a platform to work from.
They watched their livelihoods slough off like erosion from an overcut hillside.
Because the dressing doesn't adhere to healthy tissue, it begins to slough off as the wound begins to heal.
The skin may become scaley and slough off in tiny flakes in many areas where the rash has been.
As cells on the surface of the lining of the colon die and slough off, ulcers (tiny open sores) form, causing pus, mucus, and bleeding.
As a result there is no political mechanism so far to slough off the old, the outworn, the no-longer-productive in government.
The result is that there is little or no lining left to slough off at the time of the period.
If you do get too warm you can slough off your slacks.
Skin-clarifying vinegar helps to slough off dead surface skin cells.
Strong, ultrafine, infinite length fibers, 100 times finer than human hair, slough off dead skin cells, without damaging the epidermis.
Slough off those dead skin cells and your sun-kissed skin will both look and feel better as well as the shade lasting longer.