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be no slouch

To be very hardworking, enthusiastic, and/or skillful. Tom might not be the friendliest coworker in the world, but he's no slouch when it comes to running the company's IT systems.
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slouch around

to move around with a stooped or bent body. (one may slouch because of age, illness, fatigue, depression, fear, or with the intention of not being observed.) she is slouching around because she is tired. Don't you slouch around when you are tired?
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slouch behind something

to remain behind something, slouching with depression, fear, or the intent of not being observed. Jim slouched behind a chair where no one could see him. A weary clerk slouched behind the counter, wanting a nap more than anything else.
See also: behind, slouch

slouch down

to slump or droop down. Don't always slouch down, Timmy! Stand up straight. I slouch down because I am tired.
See also: down, slouch

slouch down (in something)

to sink or snuggle down into something, trying to become less visible or more comfortable. Please don't slouch down in your chair, Tim. He can't sit in anything without slouching down.
See also: down, slouch

slouch over

to lean or crumple and fall to one side; [for someone] to collapse in a sitting position. He slouched over and went to sleep in his chair. When he slouched over, I thought something was wrong.
See also: slouch
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High on the male sloucher list: Larry King (maybe it's those suspenders
UTC Aerospace Systems stated it will also deliver the newest business jet seating, highly engineered for comfort and reliability that comprises some of our modern technology products, with a new dynamic 16G Sloucher divan and our recently enhanced 16G seats.
Big Breakfast host Johnny Vaughan is another sloucher and rarely sits totally upright during his two-hour morning show.
The hammering at the hands of the Glassmen left a sour taste in the mouth of Racing and tomorrow's visitors Oldbury United are no slouchers as they proved when inflicting a 2-1 demise on the Hampton Roaders back in December.
Unpleasant work environment--Employee discontent, high absenteeism, missed production deadlines, accidents, colleagues who are backbiters, complainers, and slouchers all contribute to added stress in the workplace.
The rest of the band--guitarists Shelly and Chris, bassist Melanie, and drummer Johnny--are no slouchers themselves, and kick much ass.
Thrice-married lobbyist and ethical midget Gingrich lectures the feckless with all the credibility of the Hunchback of Notre Dame telling slouchers to sit up.