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be no slouch

To be very hardworking, enthusiastic, and/or skillful. Tom might not be the friendliest coworker in the world, but he's no slouch when it comes to running the company's IT systems.
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no slouch

A phrase used to describe someone very hardworking, enthusiastic, and/or skillful. Tom might not be the friendliest coworker in the world, but he's no slouch when it comes to running the company's IT systems.
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slouch around

to move around with a stooped or bent body. (one may slouch because of age, illness, fatigue, depression, fear, or with the intention of not being observed.) she is slouching around because she is tired. Don't you slouch around when you are tired?
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slouch behind something

to remain behind something, slouching with depression, fear, or the intent of not being observed. Jim slouched behind a chair where no one could see him. A weary clerk slouched behind the counter, wanting a nap more than anything else.
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slouch down

to slump or droop down. Don't always slouch down, Timmy! Stand up straight. I slouch down because I am tired.
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slouch down (in something)

to sink or snuggle down into something, trying to become less visible or more comfortable. Please don't slouch down in your chair, Tim. He can't sit in anything without slouching down.
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slouch over

to lean or crumple and fall to one side; [for someone] to collapse in a sitting position. He slouched over and went to sleep in his chair. When he slouched over, I thought something was wrong.
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After leaving the Parish the zombies slouched their way to Five-Bar, Herbert's, Cotton Factory, Warehouse, Varsity, Rhubarbcafe Bar and the Zetland.
I grew tall when I was young and I kind of slouched a bit, so no.
Watching too much television whilst slouched on the sofa with the remote controls within easy reach.
They were seated at a computer terminal and instructed to either "sit up straight" and "push out [their] chest]" or "sit slouched forward" with their "face looking at [their] knees.
There was a statistically significant difference for the upright and slouched positions, compared with the 135-degree and supine positions in disk height and movement of the nucleus pulposus, the gel-like mass that forms the middle of an intervertebral disk.
If the body is slouched, the support is thrown back so that it is actually resting on the tailbone and the back will have a telltale "C" shape.
He slouched over and stuck his finger in his mouth.
But she also realized that she could not live with him slouched in front of the TV in the evenings, regretting that he had not followed his heart.
Perhaps such a sensing chair might sound a warning beep every time its user slouched, she suggests.
Throughout the play, Jack (Mark DeChiazza), clad in a sleeveless white undershirt and gray trousers, smoothly transforms into Hudson, the detective, by donning a hat and adopting a slouched posture, while his wife, Sara (Kristen Hollinsworth), discards black-rimmed glasses and a shawl, morphing into the sleek, vivacious Stella Van Pratt.
As it is, they acquire a quirky prestige by virtue of their elevation, hefted up on stacks of thick spools or sidled onto flatbeds perched on wooden sawhorses, slouched in single file as if walking the plank.
Just the luck of the draw my father would say slouched in his white t-shirt long neck bottle of beer dangling from his terrible hand
The center has a way of holding, however, and Duke has slouched home to the fringe.
Measurements were taken of spinal angles, disc height and disc movement across upright, reclined and slouched positions.
She apparently got the day off when it was time for ``Satan Was a Man'' (``A surging novel of passion and ruin''), in which a redhead in a tight top tempts a Robert Mitchum look-alike slouched on a park bench.