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n. bad beer; inferior liquor. Why do we have to drink slops like this? Can’t Tom afford to give his guests something decent?
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He dumped another bucket of slops into the home-made trough.
You may find on trying them that they will answer your purpose to-morrow, as well as the slops you mean to buy, or better.
I'm none o' yer gentlemen planters, with lily fingers, to slop round and be cheated by some old cuss of an overseer
If I see a rat, you won't stop; and if I go to sleep, you get fooling about with the boat, and slop me overboard.
You fellows are always stewing, over something, and every once in a while you slop over and make a mess of it.
Shops with nautical instruments in the windows, rope and paint sellers, and slop shops with long rows of oilskins dangling from hooks, all proclaimed the neighborhood of the docks.
Him fella Sati buy 'm slop chest along plantation two tens pounds and one fella pound.
The slops (sic) bowl is necessary because fresh tea and the soothing conviviality that it produces keep people coming back for more.
Soon, Oman Dry-dock Company (ODC) will start operations at state-of-the-art reception plant for slops and sludge, oily wastewater and residual waste oil collected from ships, which is located at its ship repair yard in Duqm.