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slog through something

to wade or trudge through something, such as mud or snow. Do I have to slog through the snow to go to school? Can't you drive me? When I was your age, I slogged through snow twice this deep to get to school.
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slog/sweat/work your guts out

to work very hard or to use a lot of effort to do something You've got this wonderful man slogging his guts out for you, and all you do is criticize him! After working his guts out at the gym, he spoilt it all by going straight to the pub.
See hate guts, spill guts
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slog away

To work diligently for a lengthy period of time: The student slogged away on the algebra assignment.
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slog through

To walk or progress through something with a slow heavy pace: The explorers slogged through the swamp. I slogged through both volumes of the author's philosophical writings.
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My favorite shot was always the slog sweep," Taylor said.
8, 2002, was a day the SLOG staff had long awaited: the opening ceremony for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.
But their performance in this year's upwind slog demonstrates the skill of the crew and the superiority of CBTF[TM] Technology in all conditions.
After Ateeq Javid's opening over went for seven, Clarke struck with his first ball from the City End as Richard Levi went for a slog and missed.
ROUTE MARCH: Walking to work is well worth the hard slog
We're right at the beginning of the road - it's going to be a long slog.
He didn't slog his way round Britain, France and Italy on 11 separate walks since 1985, raising around pounds 10 million in aid of Leukaemia Research.
It tells of the appearance one spring day of Joe Mickley, who died the previous year, to his son Slog and Slog's unbelieving pal Davie.
It's a film that somehow makes its preposterous construct into a dull slog, enlivened only by the occasional appearance of a bulldog possessing the most menacing stare this side of Dirty Harry.
It's going to be a tough slog for the next four or five years," said Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
Brendan Barber, general secretary of the TUC, said, 'It's a cold, dark Monday but autumn doesn't have to be such a slog.
But even the thought of a hard slog on the Swansea sand won't have wiped the smile off star striker Trundle's face after the Liverpudlian agreed a two-year-extension to his contract this week.
WE'VE had the coloured strips and pads, we've had the day and night razzamatazz, with the pop music accompanying the fall of wickets, and now we have the 20-over slog.
In 1998, Buenaventura's trucks could barely slog through flooded highways and washed-away roads.