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slither along

to slink or crawl along. The snake slithered along, unmindful of our presence. A pair of otters slithered along playfully.
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slither away

to sneak or crawl away, like a snake. The little lizards slithered away soundlessly. The snake slithered away while Maggie was still screaming.
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While the thin slithers of apple are lacking in taste they do add texture and the tiny blueberries add a sweet zing.
Morris captures animal movement with wit and inventiveness: snake (Mireille Radwan-Dana) slithers along the river bank, peacock (Shawn Gannon) struts with arms crooked back like wings, blue jay (David Leventhal) flits and darts.
The screen lights up when she slithers into shot and proceeds with the combined vituperation of Cruella de Vil and Alexis Carrington to get her own way.
that, buried, must outlast predatious slithers, legs
Everything seems futile, save the dandylike celebration of idleness, the wordplay that slithers between the deliberately uncertain brushstrokes.
It was also necessary to design structural remedies to be as noninvasive as possible: 'stitching' across fractures to columns using stone slithers to bridge the fractures, and drilling about 3m through the entablature to arrest previous fracture and movement.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta lists botulism as one of the six most dangerous bioterrorism slithers against gravity.
They will eat almost anything that walks, flies, croaks, creeps or slithers.
His Carmen features a cigar-smoking woman who slithers and struts through a male corps de ballet.
Clawdette the black cat, voiced by actress Kathleen Turner, takes young viewers on face-to-face encounters with everything that slithers, scuttles, flaps or attacks in the National Geographic Kids Video ``Creepy Creatures.
Destroyer, 2003, confronts us with what looks like the underbelly of some prehistoric crustacean as it slithers up from the tendrils of flame at the work's bottom border.