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They had not won away since December with just one point from a possible 48 in a long slither away from the top.
They just slither away at the approach of the scented bushman.
The whole curled pink blob looked like it might still be alive, like it could uncurl itself, pop open the lid, and slither away.
As I kept the light trained on our visitor, he decided that he needed to retire, and tried to slither away.
At times the garble is but a slither away from being sinister - evidence of peer pressure and talk of family, responsibilities, and the feeling that anything less than a private life is nothing more than a public faade.
He even identified the potentially deadly snake's sex from its size and distinctive brown zig-zag markings as it began to slither away.
However nightmares about a future that involves sucking toothlessly on pipes and pondering on whether or not to invest in new slippers soon slither away on realising that whole new horizons are about to beckon.
RESILIENT Stockingford lifted the Evening Telegraph Junior Cup as luckless Peugeot saw their hopes slither away in extra-time at rain swept Marconi last night.
However the reality and complexity of nursing practice might just slither away from regulators' attempts to pin it down.
CRAIG DOCHERTY will have to tame the man they call the Bukom Snake on Saturday to ensure his Commonwealth title doesn't slither away.
As you suggest, they will slither away from this like the snakes they absolutely are.
After each landing, volunteers sprinted to recapture the scientifically valuable snake before it could slither away.
I was about to place one foot back carefully when the cobra began to slither away from me.
Usually they try to slither away or hide if people are around.
Lucky winners in both contests will walk, crawl or slither away with PETCO gift certificates.