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slither along

to slink or crawl along. The snake slithered along, unmindful of our presence. A pair of otters slithered along playfully.
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slither away

to sneak or crawl away, like a snake. The little lizards slithered away soundlessly. The snake slithered away while Maggie was still screaming.
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Destination: Dorman Museum in Middlesbrough to see its two new exhibitions, Slavery Here and Slither
to her two daughters as the beasties slither through the open window, or a teenager taking a bubble bath, oblivious to the slug swimming through the froth like some demonic turd.
They include "Slither slither slither slither went the tongue" and the use of "otorhinolaryngological caverns" instead of ears, nose and throat.
slither to the theater for a grand viewing of the silver-screen version of Events.
Dirt on the outside of your unit will slither its way to the inside of your unit.
SRI originally developed them for use in lightweight military robots that can slither over mines without setting them off, or hover quietly like hummingbirds to spy on enemies.
Imagine that you could slither wherever you needed to go, like a snake or a snail.
In addition to their work in zero gravity, the snakes could also slither on the surface on unexplored planets to take soil samples.
Besides the "ick" factor of having even a harmless snake slither across your lap, there is the distraction factor.
FRINGE BENEFITS: Jersey tunic with sleeve fringing; TAKE A SHINE TO IT: Slither crossover top; SOFA SO GOOD: Beaded neckline dress; LAYER IT ON THE LINE: Organza dress; VAMP IT UP: Bandeau dress; BACK TO BLACK: A-line dress with slither trim; SHIRTY: Khaki cotton shirt dress; SLACKS THE WAY: Wide leg wool trousers and ruffle silk top
July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Written out of necessity and love of the fantastic creatures of the desert, Darlene Kryza Hartigan has just published Kiss Rattle Slither through AuthorHouse.
The snake was so full that it couldn't slither off the busy road, so firefighters had to haul it away.
Slither doesn't disappoint when it comes to blood and entrails: Wheelsy's animal population is eviscerated, one character comes to a devilishly sticky end and the final showdown is gross.
Horrors like Koolhaas's absurdly writhing Chinese television headquarters in Beijing, Andreu's literally carbuncular National Theatre next to the Forbidden City, and P & T group's cardboard neo-fascist compositions slither off her pages.