slip through fingers

slip through someone's fingers

1. Lit. to slide through and out of one's grasp. The glass slipped through his fingers and crashed to the ground. The rope slipped through his fingers and followed the anchor to the bottom of the lake.
2. Fig. to escape from someone; to elude someone's capture or control. The prisoner slipped through the sheriff's fingers. Don't let Max slip through your fingers again this time!
See also: finger, slip, through

slip through your fingers

1. if something you hope to achieve slips through your fingers, you do not manage to achieve it He has seen the world championship slip through his fingers twice. This is my big chance to make a career in journalism. I can't let it slip through my fingers.
2. if someone slips through your fingers they manage to escape from you We've got men guarding all the exits and more men on the roof. He won't slip through our fingers this time.
See also: finger, slip, through
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As a whole the CD is relentlessly pleasant--dreamy, a little wistful, a bit insecure about love ("Try to hold you in my hand / Slip through fingers shifty like sand," Trimble sings in "You Freed Yourself").