slip through

slip something through

1. Lit. to cause something to slide or glide through something. The nickel I dropped slipped through the crack in the floor. It rolled toward a crack in the floor and slipped through.
2. Fig. to get something approved without much fuss by a group of people, perhaps by deception. I will try to slip this through the committee. lean slip it through for you.
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slip through something

to slide or slither through something narrow or crowded. Gerald slipped through the narrow opening and got away. The dog slipped through the door and ran out into the street.
See also: slip

slip through

1. To pass through something gradually, easily, or without being noticed: We slipped through the crowd into the club.
2. To pass something through something gradually, easily, or without being noticed: The tenant slipped the key through the mail slot. He crept up to the barred window of the jail cell and slipped through the keys.
See also: slip
References in classic literature ?
The other he tried to slip through hers; but she eluded him nimbly, and Frome's heart, which had swung out over a black void, trembled back to safety.
Your young friend, Rosanna, won't slip through my fingers so easy as you think.
Only Bryant reported to camp in the fall as fit as Fox, who wanted to be trim enough to slip through the window of opportunity that opened when the Lakers traded Glen Rice.