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The Danish choreographer slinks into gigantic animal lunges and then collapses into paper-doll narrowness.
Backed by members of the now-disbanded Big Chief, Davis slinks reverently through a cover of Stevie Wonder's ``You Haven't Done Nothin','' but is more convincing on originals that survey various points on the blues-soul-funk spectrum, from traditional balladry (``Cry'') to a soul-shout throwback (``Come Go With Me'').
He slinks around as if he's John Wayne but he's just a big softie.
Nothing distracts from the swell and shimmer of the sleek blue surface that slinks enticingly through the gloom and dourness of the city.
As movement slinks body to body across national borders, how do the distinctions shift between Western and non-Western, traditional and contemporary, folk and the-atrical forms?
Petronio slinks and slides and slithers with a fluid articulation that undermines a first impression of inspired improvisation.
We must make do instead with the Dance in America excerpt from Tzigane in which he slinks about her, coldly clicking his heels together as he goes.