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slink around

to creep or slither around furtively. The cat slunk around, waiting for a chance to get at the bird. Don't slink around like that. Someone is likely to take you for a robber.
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slink away

to creep or slither away furtively. The fox slunk away, leaving the henhouse as quietly as such a thing is possible. I hope that the skunk will slink away as quietly as it came.
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slink in(to something)

to creep into something. The cat slunk into the hallway and lay down in the middle of the floor. I left the door ajar and a cat slunk in.
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slink off

to creep away furtively. Carl was embarrassed and tried to slink off, but the ushers spotted him. The boys slunk off from the picnic and smoked some cigarettes.
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slink out (of some place)

to creep out of some place furtively. The fox slunk out of the henhouse just as the farmer came out. It slunk out and got away.
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slink away

Also, slink off. Depart furtively, as in The shoplifter slipped an item into his coat pocket and slunk away, or After that severe scolding, she slunk off. This term employs slink in the sense of "move stealthily," a usage dating from the late 1300s.
See also: away, slink
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The danger in that, with authenticity such a hot commodity lately, would be to glamorize his project as so much hipster street stuff--summoning a portrait of the artist as a young member of one of those "style tribes" slinking around the New York subways in the widely reviled Levi's ads.
The player will pit wit, weapons and magic against slinking dark elves, hordes of grotesque goblins and all manner of evil creatures.
After slinking about in a long dress, the 24-year-old Russian star slipped into something a little cooler - showing off the sexy curves that make her fiancA Enrique Iglesias such a happy man.
In fact, there's an off-kilter cat on my block that likes to crawl across the street on its belly, like it's slinking though the jungles of Nam.
Well he could either be king of the castle or slinking out of the back door.
While room was left for individuality--the compact Lund lunging to the fore, Luquini slinking through Brazilian capoeira, and Manso de Sousa taking off with jumps--the emphasis stayed on an obstinate kind of harmony: in wielding equipment, hoisting sacks, rolling barrels.
A movie based on Charles Atlas ads would be both more realistic and more entertaining than the moist, dithering hackwork slinking into theaters under the moniker ``Joe Somebody.
VIAGRA hit the French market at the same time as barely-clad young models were slinking down the Paris catwalks yesterday.
Slinking through the sinuous bolero in Sondheim's 1971 Follies, she and a partner stopped the show - no mean feat considering they shared the stage with seminude showgirls in sky-high Marie Antoinette headdresses.
Slinking, strutting, trilling his R's and shamelessly soliciting applause, he specializes in ludicrously cryptic pronouncements about the terrors awaiting bad children.
A torch-song segment features Goode in a blonde wig, black dress, and feathered mules slinking across the stage to "Fever" while twirling a flaming baton.
You don't soon forget hitting your drive out of bounds and slinking off with a double bogey.
Those yellow and black ``Dummies'' guides available for everything from running Windows '95 to wooing women have started slinking into sports.