slink in

slink in(to something)

to creep into something. The cat slunk into the hallway and lay down in the middle of the floor. I left the door ajar and a cat slunk in.
See also: slink
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Frank The Slink lands touch The gamble of the day was Frank The Slink in the 2m5f novice handicap chase.
The Slink in question is Frank Hanson, a longstanding owner with trainer Micky Hammond (below left), who said: "He wasn't winning out of turn.
And then you slink in the door and find your fellow apostles gabbling about your dead master, Jesus, as being no longer dead but alive.
The game starts, and the neighboring seats are still empty - until two gorgeous women, whom you presume are sneaking down from reserved level, slink in and fill the vacancy next to you.