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slink around

to creep or slither around furtively. The cat slunk around, waiting for a chance to get at the bird. Don't slink around like that. Someone is likely to take you for a robber.
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slink away

to creep or slither away furtively. The fox slunk away, leaving the henhouse as quietly as such a thing is possible. I hope that the skunk will slink away as quietly as it came.
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slink in(to something)

to creep into something. The cat slunk into the hallway and lay down in the middle of the floor. I left the door ajar and a cat slunk in.
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slink off

to creep away furtively. Carl was embarrassed and tried to slink off, but the ushers spotted him. The boys slunk off from the picnic and smoked some cigarettes.
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slink out (of some place)

to creep out of some place furtively. The fox slunk out of the henhouse just as the farmer came out. It slunk out and got away.
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slink away

Also, slink off. Depart furtively, as in The shoplifter slipped an item into his coat pocket and slunk away, or After that severe scolding, she slunk off. This term employs slink in the sense of "move stealthily," a usage dating from the late 1300s.
See also: away, slink
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McCain slinks off There was some confusion in the aftermath of the selling hurdle won by Jim Tango as auctioneer Alan Brereton announced that the winner would not be subject to VAT.
When done, some slink away from the machine, looking over their shoulders to see whether anyone else saw the results.
Amidst the strut and slink and glitter, one couple stands out, Carlos Vera and Laura Marcarie.
In some performances, as the men pull apart, their races instinctively crush together yet again for a moment before they slink together off the stage.
Without having time to slowly slink away, the now rudely unanchored charges discharge via a lightning bolt.
Ben Slink, director of procurement for Transmatic, says, "We have 40 or 50 different material specifications, and we have to create hybrid type specs that we need to quote for people all over the world.
And, unlike some, they can't slink off to Gibraltar to avoid paying it.
But call him fat and he'll slink away licking his wounds.
Watching sleek stars like Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow slink along the red carpet gets most women dreaming about looking that good at their own black tie events.
He even goes so far as to affect a fake British accent for ``These Things,'' a song that rumbles with a chilly sense of impending doom and whose rubbery beats black-clad goths are sure to embrace as they slink onto the dance floor.
The Antigen SMTP and MTA scan jobs employ a server side event slink to provide scanning of the Exchange 2000 connectors.
Alas, she failed and the duo were forced to slink off.
Smoking heavily and dressed casually in a V-neck top and cream trousers, he flitted from room to room - especially favouring the inner sanctum of the VIP section - before trying to slink away at 3.
The focus is the pimp, played by senior dancer Carlos Gavito, with his stable of floozies, and the men who press up against the women, pat their behinds, and provoke each other as they slink around the dance floor.
It's time that those morons raising the hue and cry over some college-type pranks slink back into their holes and let Dubya and Rumsfeld fight this war.