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pink slime

A slang term for low-quality beef trimmings that are used as a filler in some meat products. Our organization believes that pink slime should no longer be used in any meat preparation in this country.
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slime ball

One whose behavior offends or repulses others. I can't believe how poorly he treated that waitress. What a slime ball!
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a slime ball

an unpleasant man who is friendly in a way which is not sincere I don't know what she sees in him - he's such a slime ball!
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1. n. a worthless person; a low and wretched person. What a slime that guy is!
2. n. degrading matters; corrupt people or situations. I don’t want to be involved in slime like that.

slime bag

and slime bucket and slimebag and slimeball
n. a despicable person, usually a male. (see also slime.) Gee, a slime bag like that in the same room with me! Yuck!
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slime bucket

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The slimes dams are composed primarily of crushed rock that has been processed to remove the gold.
Giant King Grass was planted on the slimes dams to evaluate its performance in this difficult environment.
Selectra Commercial Director Dwight Rosslee reports, "Giant King Grass is growing well on the slimes footprint and we are pleased with the results so far.
Within this slime, they can form complex communities with intricate architecture featuring columns, water channels, and mushroomlike towers.
As the bacteria make a simple layer, one cell deep, they begin to produce slime.
Actually the slime is primarily water, says Stewart, and most antibiotics can penetrate it quite deeply.
Someday, they might keep the bottoms of boats free of damaging bacterial slime.
SouthPeak Interactive Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: SOPK; SOPKU; SOPKW; SOPKZ) today announced that Mister Slime for Nintendo DS[TM] is available now on retail shelves in North America.
Players enter the world as Slimey, a young slime determined to stop the violence between the warring clans.
There, in the capital city of Boingburg, lots of little slimes were gooing about their business, enjoying the goo life .
FEATURES * Stretch, bounce and slingshot across Boingburg to rescue a colorful cast of 100 unique slimes * Explore puzzle-filled levels and encounter a familiar array of monsters from the DRAGON QUEST series * Scour the land for weapons and items to use in the massive tank battles -- build up an arsenal and challenge up to three other friends and family members with the Nintendo DS wireless play feature * Keep track of the battle via the DS dual-screen technology -- unique dual-screen gameplay provides a crucial overview of the action during the tank battles * Simple, streamlined controls allow players of all ages to bounce right in and enjoy the adventure
Step Aside, 'National Talk Like a Pirate Day,' This Loveable Slime Snatches the Spotlight With a Plentiful Booty of Awards and Accolades
com/cgi-bin/prnh/20030403/SQUARELOGO ) "ROCKET SLIME is that rarest of breeds: a kids' game that completely rocks.
DRAGON QUEST HEROES: ROCKET SLIME is rated "E" for Everyone.
These plans call for production increases to 16,000 tons of ore per month, making the expansion of slimes facilities a necessity for future operations.