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pink slime

A slang term for low-quality beef trimmings that are used as a filler in some meat products. Our organization believes that pink slime should no longer be used in any meat preparation in this country.
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slime ball

One whose behavior offends or repulses others. I can't believe how poorly he treated that waitress. What a slime ball!
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a slime ball

an unpleasant man who is friendly in a way which is not sincere I don't know what she sees in him - he's such a slime ball!
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1. n. a worthless person; a low and wretched person. What a slime that guy is!
2. n. degrading matters; corrupt people or situations. I don’t want to be involved in slime like that.

slime bag

and slime bucket and slimebag and slimeball
n. a despicable person, usually a male. (see also slime.) Gee, a slime bag like that in the same room with me! Yuck!
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slime bucket

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The researchers then borrowed simple properties from the slime mold's behavior to create a biology-inspired mathematical description of the network formation.
Although the mucus mostly consists of sugars and other carbohydrates, the slime may also contain fatty substances, proteins, nucleic acids, and other organic materials.
The slime can be extracted with a little suction device.
If there were a fish-out-of-water award, it might have been shared by host Ben Stiller and Johnny Depp, who was the celebrity designated to be hit with a bucket of slime at the show's end.
As other retailers scramble to remove pink slime from their shelves - one USDA scientist claimed that 70% of all ground beef sold in stores contains pink slime - Fresh & Easy is reminding customers they can always get fresh quality products they can trust.
Pink slime, created from low-quality beef trimmings, is an industrial byproduct and is usually treated with ammonia gas to qualify it for food health standards.
Russell Brand had slime thrown at him by the audience while he was announcing Eddie Murphy as the winner of the favourite animated movie voice award, for his role as Donkey in Shrek Forever After.
The snail slime will be showcased next week at a cosmetics exhibition in Milan, Italy.
These show visitors how to make their own batch of slime and among those getting stuck in were Maisie and Holly Weldon, aged eight and six, and 10-year-old Matthew Johnson.
Further research confirmed that lungworm can be transmitted to dogs that lick the slime trails left by slugs, not only by accidentally swallowing slugs and snails
Has Mr Slime Ball measured up for double glazing the Elliot Bay Towers and not a two- bedroomed terrace in Tuebrook?
SMALL scientists from across the North East can learn the secrets of slime at a special event.
uk) My Studio Girl Alien Slime Jumpers CREATE slime-eating aliens with air dry clay, glow-in-the-dark air dry slime, and a pull-string vibrating motor.
The "Roar" singer coloured her hair slime green this time.
And that earned Andy Murray another fine moment under green slime as he was handed a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award at a press conference at last week's Sony Open in Florida.