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not in the slightest

Not at all; not even a little bit. A: "I'm really sorry. Are you mad?" B: "Not in the slightest! I know it was a mistake."
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in the least

Also, in the slightest. At all, in the smallest degree. These terms are nearly always used in a negative context. For example, I don't care in the least what you do with the money, or It doesn't matter in the slightest whether or not you attend. [c. 1600] They may also be put as not in the least or not in the slightest, as in I am not in the least worried about the outcome, or The heat doesn't bother me in the slightest. In the least dates from about 1600; in the slightest has been used in the sense of "emphatically unimportant or trifling" since the late 1500s.
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(ˌnot) in the ˈleast

(used in negative sentences, questions and if clauses) (not) at all: She wasn’t in the least afraid.If you are in the least worried about it, then ask somebody for help.
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not in the ˈslightest

not at all; not in the least: Flying doesn’t worry me in the slightest.
See also: not, slight

in the least

At all: I don't mind in the least.
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References in classic literature ?
Seeing this, and saying as much in a few words to the slighter and younger of the two ladies, the gentleman put his wife's arm over his shoulder, lifted her up, and carried her away.
Tulliver was what is called a good-tempered person,--never cried, when she was a baby, on any slighter ground than hunger and pins; and from the cradle upward had been healthy, fair, plump, and dull-witted; in short, the flower of her family for beauty and amiability.
Oh, this is how it notifies me to smoke," said the founder and CEO of Slighter, a smart lighter intended to help smokers quit their habit in 100 days.
Yasuo is much slighter than most of the more heavily muscled Siegfrieds we have seen.
This was a slighter quicker pace and when the leader kicked on with a kilometre to go, I just couldn't keep up," he said.
Michael said that nets with slighter pores may damage the eggs of fish so it also cause huge damage not only a biological life but national kitty therefore anglers who would not follow these rules will be arrested and put behind the bar.
Though the Tahoe offers the slighter stature of the two options, its interior versatility and composed performance profile remain a noteworthy drawing point for many buyers.
The other is described as white, possibly slighter taller than the other suspect, with dark hair.
This means that the gain in profit for gasoil, which can be made into diesel and jet fuel, has been only slighter better than half the fall in the price of oil.
Sceptics may say it just means we now face a slighter smaller cut, but perhaps we should try and see the good for once.
Hazelrigg hinted at a return to form last time out when beaten a length into third at Nottingham on soft and the slighter quicker ground might be in his favour.
Orders for durable goods, which range from toasters to aircraft that are meant to last three years or more, were revised to show a slighter bigger 1.
Saudi Telecom Company (STC) saw a 54% year-on-year leap in first-quarter profit, following scattered asset sales and slighter losses from foreign opcos, Reuters reported.
Seven firefighters also remain in hospital with slighter injuries.
Successful tests extended the lifespan of the RTMs into the era of mechanised warfare; the slighter 14-inch barrels having become obsolete.