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not in the slightest

Not at all; not even a little bit. A: "I'm really sorry. Are you mad?" B: "Not in the slightest! I know it was a mistake."
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not have the slightest idea

To be completely unaware of or know no information about something. A: "Is Sally off today?" B: "Oh, I don't have the slightest idea. Ask Elaine, she'll know."
See also: have, idea, not, slight

in the least

1. At all or in any way. These phrases are typically used in the negative. We are not concerned in the least about the impact it may have on our profits this year. A: "Do you mind if I tag along this afternoon?" B: "Not in the least!"
2. To a significantly lesser degree. The region has been in turmoil for years, not in the least because of violent political tensions between the two countries.
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in the slightest

At all; a little bit. This phrase is typically used in the negative. A: "I'm really sorry. Are you mad?" B: "Not in the slightest! I know it was a mistake."
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in the least

Also, in the slightest. At all, in the smallest degree. These terms are nearly always used in a negative context. For example, I don't care in the least what you do with the money, or It doesn't matter in the slightest whether or not you attend. [c. 1600] They may also be put as not in the least or not in the slightest, as in I am not in the least worried about the outcome, or The heat doesn't bother me in the slightest. In the least dates from about 1600; in the slightest has been used in the sense of "emphatically unimportant or trifling" since the late 1500s.
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(ˌnot) in the ˈleast

(used in negative sentences, questions and if clauses) (not) at all: She wasn’t in the least afraid.If you are in the least worried about it, then ask somebody for help.
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not in the ˈslightest

not at all; not in the least: Flying doesn’t worry me in the slightest.
See also: not, slight

in the least

At all: I don't mind in the least.
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However, a slight rise in temperature is expected on Wednesday while partially cloudy to clear skies continue.
Likewise, while the Philippines and Malaysia saw a slight deterioration in confidence levels (-2.
I]n all actions brought to recover damages for injuries to a person or to his property caused by the negligence of another, the fact that the plaintiff may have been guilty of contributory negligence shall not bar a recovery when the contributory negligence of the plaintiff was slight and the negligence of the defendant was gross in comparison but the contributory negligence of the plaintiff shall be considered by the jury in the mitigation of damages in proportion to the amount of the contributory negligence attributable to the plaintiff; and all questions of negligence and contributory negligence shall be for the jury.
As for Monday and Tuesday, there will be a slight rise in temperatures, but the weather will remain cold in hilly areas and moderate in other parts of the kingdom with clouds at medium and high altitudes, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD).
Summary: Slight rain fell on the Eastern Region of the UAE on Saturday, with more slight precipitation expected over the next few days.
THE number of people searching for rooms within flat-shares has increased by more than 2,000 in three months following a slight decline towards the end of 2011.
The tendency is to pretend that the slight had never been made and hope that the offended party will forget it or not realize it happened.
2009 revised down Newly released data for the national accounts have resulted in a slight upward revision to real GDP growth in 2010 but a downward revision to 2009.
A camera in Castle Hill, Parkestone, Poole, in Dorset, installed in 2003, where there were three serious-injury and 11 slight-injury collisions in 2009 compared with only three serious and six slight collisions at this spot in 2001 and only three serious and seven slight collisions in 2002; ?
While this represents a slight improvement on June's net balance of -32, this reading has now remained in negative territory since March last year.
It's almost a slight - get me right here - slight sluttiness.
1 : small of its kind or in amount a slight smell of gas <A slight frown puckered her forehead.
That represents a slight drop from 2007, when the poll found that 160 million people reported obtaining health information online.
Richard Slight, 21, brandished the potentially lethal weapon, narrowly missing one of the girls who thought she was going to die.