slide into

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slide something into something

 and slide something in
to insert something into something effortlessly. Henry slid the end of the seat-belt buckle into its holder and started the car. slide in the buckle and make sure it's tight.
See also: slide

slide into something

to slip or glide into something, as a car going into a ditch. It was raining hard, and car after car slid into the ditch at the sharp turn near Wagner Road. Mary's car slid right into the side of a bus.
See also: slide
References in classic literature ?
The boy fell against the Horner, so that all went tumbling down the slide in a regular mix-up, unable to see where they were going because of the darkness.
Hike out the foot- boards; they slide in them grooves," said Dan.
Additionally, when audience questions are asked about a previous slide, Ovation allows presenters to access that slide in one click, completely eliminating the need to repeatedly hit the back button.
Compartments range from four to 22 in trailers, eight to 16 in chassis mounts, and three to eight for slide ins.