slide down

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slide down something

to slip down something, such as a pole. The fire captain slid down the pole and ran to the engine. Please don't slide down the stairs. You'll ruin the carpet.
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After that, Wetherspoons wound a long length of thick rope over the top of the banisters, making it impossible to slide down them.
It's not the X-Games where it's like crazy gnarly, so he can jump off and slide down no problem.
Now the district is stepping back onto the fields, this time to adjust the drains so rain will slide down them in no time flat.
Avalanches are masses of snow and ice that slide down mountains.
Then he grabs my shoulders to push me lightly until I pick up a little speed and slide down the sand for a few seconds.
While proponents saw the "local option" as a compromise, which would have allowed lay and clergy on both sides of the issue to live and function together until a greater consensus could be achieved, the concession was seen by the opposition as "blessing sin" and therefore as a precipitous slide down the slippery slope of moral accommodation, not only with culture and society, but with the law of the land.
Adding an iron salt to the mixture caused the rings to slide down onto the balls' surfaces, sealing in the light-emitting cargo.
He hopes the Church will work to officially study and publish the message of Medjugorje, which becomes even more urgent as we slide down the slippery slope of secularism.
He says that if an employee says he or she doesn't like to wear safety glasses because they slide down the nose, then buy them a strap for the back.
But the company has convinced the city that with a tipping fee that will slide down (once paper is included in its mix), it can guarantee to handle materials for less than the cost of shipping them to increasingly more distant landfills.
And if the snake were to slide down Mano's esophagus--he'd have a dangerous bellyful
On the way down, Huff and another hiker opted for a shortcut, and while traversing an icy stretch Huff slipped, taking himself and his friend for a slide down the ice sheet.
The 21-year-old's inability to clinch a singles crown and her slide down the rankings prompted suggestions she is more a model than a player.
A BRITON was killed trying to slide down a disused Italian cable car line as his son watched.
David Mason, 49, died after he attached a mountain climbing snap hook on to the cable and then tried to slide down using his hands, according to local police.