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It was wildly exhilarating to slide along the edge of the precipices, after this grisly fashion, and look straight down upon that far-off valley which I was describing a while ago.
With a strength which the sense of danger increased tenfold, he seized one of the beams--the longest and heaviest; he pushed it out through a loophole, then, grasping it again outside of the tower, he made it slide along the angle of the balustrade which surrounds the platform, and let it fly into the abyss.
These include rehabilitation/reconstruction of the National Roads with slips, slope, collapse and slide along Junction Victoria-Maddela-Alicia-Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya boundary ; improvement/widening of national and secondary roads along Junction Dumabato, Maddela and Aglipay and the carriageway improvement including drainage of tertiary road along Junction Mangandingay, Cabarroguis to the Isabela boundary road in Saguday.
The company says that in plastics processing applications, noise is greatly reduced because parts gently slide along the tray bottom.
At Oasis Centre, the Play Zone has been expanded and two new rides have also been introduced: Log Flume, an Arctic-themed kiddie flume ride that has six seal-shaped mobiles that slide along a 40-metre fibreglass; and an all-new Taga J, a rotating platform with an interactive inflatable that will make the riders spin, bounce, rock and jump.
If air velocities drop below the material's saltation velocity, (meaning the minimum velocity to transport the material within the airstream) the material will drop out of the air stream and just slide along a pipe or elbow.
The rail head or end terminal, which is often marked with yellow and black stripes, is supposed to slide along the guardrail itself, pushing it to the side.
I'm sure Mags fans would love to see the manager slide along the touchline getting his knees dirty come the weekend, and that will only be possible with an away win at 8/5.
Stephane Sessegnon fired the only goal of the game and Di Canio celebrated after the final whistle as if he had scored himself - although he resisted the temptation to slide along the touchline on his knees.
a bead of sweat began a downward slide along my spine to the tune of
Another video camera coupled with a dissecting microscope helped to determine that individual droplets of sticky glue slide along the leg's bristly hair, and to estimate the forces of adhesion to the web.
Slide along a row of flat spines, slip one out and touch
WaterWorks will also feature a four-deck-high, 303-foot-long enclosed corkscrew water slide along with twin dual-lane 80-foot-long racing slides and water spray apparatus such as squirting fountains, splash zones, and dump buckets.
Slide pipes with a molded plastic flat surface have a low coefficient of friction to allow parts and totes to easily slide along the sloped surface.
There is the chance to complete the zip wire slide along a 250 meter wire and the abseil down a rocky incline.