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Under the KitchenAid license comes the Professional Series mandoline slicer set, which features a retractable blade guard that keeps blades covered while slicing and changing blades, a comfortable grip handle and plunger for easy use and an adjustable slicer to cut foods to variable thicknesses.
The raw food movement has become increasingly popular and the best spiral slicer from iPerfect Kitchen can significantly help you on your raw food journey.
The Heavy-Duty N-Series food slicers are the first in the industry to be Certified by NSF International to the NSF/ANSI Standard 8-2010, according to officials for the Dayton, Ohio-based manufacturer.
Use the Columns button on the right side of the Slicer Tools Options tab of the ribbon.
But because of all of the tools available now, including the mini-choppers, shavers, peelers and slicers from Lifetime Brands, "it's less intimidating to work with garlic," said Matt Kamenstein, vice president, kitchenware.
However, you have to hold the on/off button down the whole time you used the slicer.
I had to sack my assistant because he kept licking the bacon slicer," he says.
A SHOPPER who asked staff to slice a reduced loaf claims she was told there was not enough profit in the sale to put on the bread slicer.
Once a complementary piece of RNA binds to RISC, several enzymes, including one named slicer, hack through and degrade it.
This six-page, four-color, fold-out brochure describes the company's THP-V Series rubber oil seal vulcanization molding machine, the G-16-V vacuum type trimming machine for oil seal, cup and packing, the TR-250-PCD precision rubber slicer (preformer), the TYC-V Series vacuum compression forming machine, the Rotocure for making various kinds of conveyor belts and rubber synthetic sheets, TCP flat conveyor belt vulcanization molding equipment, the TIP-L vertical rubber injection molding machine and the TPS Series flat vulcanizing machine.
Note: A Japanese vegetable slicer cuts along the circumference of a vegetable, resulting in long, thin sheets.
Hazard: Personnel injury due to someone inadvertently turning the slicer on
Consumer packs are not much better than last year," one told slicer told The Grocer.
The second newly patented product is the adjustable ceramic mandoline slicer, which features a dial on the back that instantly adjusts to 4 different slice thicknesses.
The exclusive Distribution Agreement between Sono-Tek and Mercer provides meat processors in New Zealand and in Australia, as well as Titan slicer users worldwide, access to the full range of Sono-Tek's state of the art antimicrobial spray coating systems.