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Paramedics had to use bolt cutters to slice off the shaft so they could get him into the ambulance.
One of them used a knife or machete to slice off part of his scalp.
SALES of a trendy foldaway micro-scooter were banned yesterday amid fears it could slice off a child's finger.
95 at dinner you can eat meats to your heart's content by just placing the green and red-toned wooden indicator with the green part on top, signaling you want the gaucho to stop at your table and slice off some immediately.
With a sharp knife, slice off upper 1/4 of pumpkins and set tops aside.
So he tried to slice off the arm, but lacked the strength to do it.
LANCASTER - City officials are prepared to slice off more than five acres of Lancaster City Park and use it for a shopping center if that's what it takes to keep the Costco warehouse store.
Liverpool can chop another huge slice off the fee - thanks to a 20 per cent sell-on clause inserted when the 27-year-old utility player moved to the Midlands.
Once he cut a slice off an old abandoned couch he discovered in a parking lot near Los Angeles International Airport.