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1. in. to drink to intoxication. They must have been slewing for an hour before one got up and left.
2. and slews n. a lot; lots. I have a whole slew of old computer programs at home in a box somewhere.


See slew
See also: slew


and slewy and slued and sloughed (up) (slud and ˈslui and slud...)
mod. alcohol intoxicated. Wallace is too slewed to drive.
See also: slew
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If one were to look at a number of op amps, it may seem that the bandwidth and slew rate are directly related, because as the one goes higher, so does the other.
Slew dragged an early shot from inside the penalty area wide and at the other end Bees striker Gary Alexander headed inches over the bar.
Slew smacked the gate at the start of the Kentucky Derby and slammed into Get the Axe.
This initial offering of current feedback amps is ideally suited for a variety of high performance video, cable driver and high frequency applications where high slew rates and wide -3dB bandwidths are critical factors.
He did get good performers in Europe, including Group 1 scorers Seattle Song, Magic Of Life and Septieme Ciel, and the occasional representative such as Tsunami Slew excelled on grass in the States, but it was on the US dirt tracks that his chief influence was felt.
The only thing going against him is that he wasn't a 2-year-old champion,'' said Seattle Slew co-owner Mickey Taylor, noting that Smarty Jones' head injury limited him to two races at age 2.
The Vantage MGV and the works-in-progress ZGV featuring gradient strengths of 30 mT/m and 33 mT/m (milliTesla per meter) and slew rates of 86 mT/m/sec and 200 mT/m/sec (milliTesla per meter per second), respectively, were developed to address varied clinical imaging requirements.
The injury, thought to be a strain in Vindication's left foreleg, was discovered during a training gallop Monday at Santa Anita, according to an announcement Thursday by Satish and Anne Sanan's Padua Stables, which owns the Bob Baffert-trained son of Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew.
The EL5524, EL5624, EL5724 and EL5824 deliver rail-to-rail input and output performance, a slew rate of 15 V/us and 140 mA peak output drive current.
Back in action: Seattle Slew, who underwent neck surgery in April, will return to the breeding shed next year at Three Chimneys Farm in Midway, Ky.
CFA Family Also Delivers Fast Slew Rates up to 4500 V/us