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Nantucket sleigh ride

An instance of a whaling ship that has hooked a whale and thus is being pulled by it. We're going on a Nantucket sleigh ride today, boys—I can feel it! There's a whale out there just waiting for our harpoons!
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take (one) for a sleigh ride

To con, swindle, mislead, or deceive someone. That get-rich-quick guru took tens of thousands of people for a sleigh ride, lining his own pockets with their investments. I can't believe I let the salesman take me for a sleigh ride like that.
See also: ride, sleigh, take

take someone for a sleigh ride

mislead someone.
A sleigh ride here is an implausible or false story or a hoax: if you take someone for a sleigh ride you mislead or cheat them. Sleigh ride can also mean ‘a drug-induced high’, so take a sleigh ride means ‘take drugs, especially cocaine’.
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