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Whoever suggested Nick Clegg pose with a dead trout is presumably now sleeping with the fishes.
FILM director Kieran Evans wasn't the only Welsh winner at this week's Baftas, Swansea screenwriter Sarah Woolner was part of a team that carried off the British short animation award for the film Sleeping with the Fishes, which she made with producer James Walker and director Yousif Al-Khalifa.
The two gongs for He he Steve Mc the Best "Right n slavery, I hope ou another Meanw 44, bagg starrring She pa to the la friend si together She s month o buddy, th Tonights winners Best film 12 Years A Slave Best actor Chiwetel Ejiofor Best actress Cate Blanchett Best director Alfonso Cuaron Best supporting actor Barkhad Abdi Best Supporting actress Jennifer Lawrence Best visual effects Gravity Original screenplay American Hustle Outstanding British film Gravity Bafta fellowship Helen Mirren EE Rising star Will Poulter British short Film Room 8 British short animation Sleeping with the fishes Adapted Screenplay Philomena 12 Years A Slave stopped space thriller Gravity from sweeping the boards.
However, sleeping with the fishes doesn't come cheap, with prices for the suite starting from US $750 per person, per night.
The expletive-ridden script isn't the best, packed with cliches, platitudes and Godfather-esque lines such as "he'll be sleeping with the fishes before the night's out", but the acting is first-rate from the nearly-all-Scottish cast led by Martin Compston and including John Hannah, Denis Lawson and (Gregory's Girl) Clare Grogan, with the addition of Irishman turned Hollywood star Patrick Bergin.
As in previous seasons, Italy and Scotland are competing to stay off the floor, and with three home games, all fixed for the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Italy have grounds to believe they will not be the ones sleeping with the fishes.
And, having no wish to end up in the Clyde sleeping with the fishes, my lips are sealed.
Consider this - there's no more sleeping with the fishes, as the Sicilian saying goes.
The bands playing will be Boldly Goin'' Nowhere, Sleeping With The Fishes and The Extroverts.
And, the smaller organizations sometimes end up like Fredo Corleone, sleeping with the fishes, rather than catching them.
There may be a reason that the state Republican Party is currently sleeping with the fishes.
Worse still, they could find themselves sleeping with the fishes.
We've all heard the threat about sleeping with the fishes - but a group of youngsters from Huddersfield made it a reality.
But this isn't going to be the one to push them over the edge to start sleeping with the fishes.
All of these goodies, lying untouched on a shelf for 20 years, delivered a message for us: Our mind had been sleeping with the fishes.