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sled down something

to ride down something on a sled. I love to sled down the hill in the winter. This hill is too steep to sled down safely.
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sled over something

to travel over something, such as snow, in a sled. We sledded rapidly over the fresh snow, scooting down the hill. We wanted to sled over the new snow, but we had to wait until Uncle Herman had taken a picture of it for his scrapbook.
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ghetto sled

n. a junky car. He stood in front of some old ghetto sled, and said “Kizzle?”
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Boys' sleds - clippers - often had pressed or embossed patterns; paint was then rolled over the surface to highlight the design.
As students read the third section independently, have them identify and discuss the two tools that Bohl uses to test the aerodynmnics of luge sleds (a wind tunnel and a computer simulator).
If used on a side-incline, the sled tends to side-slip a bit.
As I shower before work the next morning I added up the cost: 45 minutes lost sleep, $0; hot chocolate, $2; new sled, $22; having an unexpectedly great time with my kids and heading off to work relaxed and refreshed, priceless
He played wheelchair tennis and basketball before he discovered a passion for sled hockey.
The Willamette National Forest's Middle Fork Ranger District and the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) teamed up to provide the new Salt Creek Sno Park, which is now the closest public sled hill to Eugene-Springfield.
Water wells up from the breach and spreads over the ice surface, filling the tracks of our sled and the footprints of the dogs.
Daniel Melville, Chukka Caribbean Adventures' Ocho Rios-based general manager, says the venture was inspired by a summer visit his father made to Canada, where he saw a musher running a dog team on a wheeled sled over snow-less terrain, with the wheels enabling him to train year-round.
Azure fixed their leads to their harnesses while I sat in the sled, covered with a heavy blanket for warmth.
in Layton, UT, saw a need for the product as an alternative to traditional football sleds, but more importantly, as a training option for linemen.
has taken the "downhill" industry a step further with its "Human Factors" methodology--combining performance, ergonomics, and rider skill level to create a new line of sleds that are especially tailored to accommodate riders of all sizes and abilities.
Once again there is a cast of wacky characters all with different sleds and there is a choice of seven vast tracks with hidden shortcuts and alternative routes, which gives plenty of longevity to the game.
Fast, furious, fractious--all still apply when the teams are on sleds, using specially built sticks that can both propel the player and be used to shoot the puck across the ice.
Borge Ousland had hoped to be the first to ski 1,070 miles from Siberia to Canada alone and without assistance such as dog sleds, supply depots and provisions flown in from the outside, but had to replace his sled earlier this month because his original one was disintegrating.