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sled down something

to ride down something on a sled. I love to sled down the hill in the winter. This hill is too steep to sled down safely.
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sled over something

to travel over something, such as snow, in a sled. We sledded rapidly over the fresh snow, scooting down the hill. We wanted to sled over the new snow, but we had to wait until Uncle Herman had taken a picture of it for his scrapbook.
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ghetto sled

n. a junky car. He stood in front of some old ghetto sled, and said “Kizzle?”
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Partnership with national sportscaster John Buccigross, USA Hockey will fuel program to benefit sled hockey athletes nationally
Sledders who ride on their stomachs or facing backwards have limited vision and ability to maneuver the sled to avoid a crash.
Deen has made no secret of his preference for the four-man competition in which teammate John Jackson and his GB1 sled will start as genuine medal contenders.
In other places around the public sled area the snow was perfect for a few trips down the hill.
That's where the changes Bohl is making to luge sleds come into play.
Both of those sleds are made in their Silverton workshop, which is being moved to Crested Butte.
The sled is simple, rugged, goes fast, will handle several hundred pounds and is a cinch to build.
Pulling the sled behind me, I headed toward the hill.
I hold the sleds as the children pile in and give them a push to start each run.
Snowmobile club members said they were prompted to build the sled hill by the sight every Christmas season of little kids standing around area sno parks with new sleds and no good place to use them.
Paul Norman, the company's Ocho Rios sales manager, reports that the tour outfit now has "twenty Jamaican mongrels" available to pull the sleds, with most of the dogs obtained through the Jamaican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
I was on the shore of frozen Hudson Bay to experience three things I've never done before: building an igloo, mushing a dog sled team and watching the eerie green northern lights dance in the night sky.
The typical sleds slide across the ground, with the ski on the front," said Moore, who has coached football for 33 years, including 20 with offensive linemen.
99) is a durable and sleek two-person sled that moves at high speeds but affords stability and control.
Once again there is a cast of wacky characters all with different sleds and there is a choice of seven vast tracks with hidden shortcuts and alternative routes, which gives plenty of longevity to the game.