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easy sledding

Progress that will or is expected to require little to no effort. With their opponents' star player out with an injury, it should be easy sledding for the home team today. It will be easy sledding once I get this one assignment out of the way.
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rough sledding

A difficult, turbulent, or troublesome period of time or undertaking. This administration has gone through some rough sledding over the last year, but the president is determined to regain the trust and support of the American people. Even some of the wealthier areas of the country must brace for rough sledding as fresh austerity measures come into effect on the heels of the IMF bailout. The book can be notoriously rough sledding, but if you're able to stick with it, it is in fact a most rewarding experience.
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hard sledding

 and tough sledding
Fig. a very difficult time. They had some hard sledding when they were first married. It was tough sledding for sure when our crops failed that year.
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easy sledding

Effortless progress, as in It's easy sledding from here on. This expression alludes to coasting smoothly down a hill and was first recorded as smooth sledding in 1898. Also see the antonym tough sledding.
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tough sledding

Difficult work or progress, as in This bill faces tough sledding in the legislature. This idiom transfers the route on which a sled can travel to other kinds of progress toward a goal. It was first recorded as hard sledding in 1839. For the antonym, see easy sledding.
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They are also being proactive and posting signs about the risks involved with sledding to educate and protect those who use the parks.
When towns ban sledding on park hills to reduce their risk exposure, look elsewhere.
It's easy to get to and it's much safer than Skyliner," Olson said, referring to the old downhill ski area west of Bend that has served as the Bend area`s primary snow play site - in spite of Forest Service efforts to discourage sledding because of hazards and the number of accidents.
Make sure the sledding path does not cross traffic and is free from hazards such as large trees, fences, rocks, picnic tables, or telephone poles.
The trouble with sledding, you see, is that it suffers from an image problem.
SAFE KIDS, at the Children's Health Centre of Northern Alberta, recently coordinated a research project on sledding safety.
Dershewitz says simple safety precautions can prevent sledding accidents without detracting from the fun of the sport.
The Dasher model features several design developments that enhance sledding speed, stability, and maneuverability.
The sledding may pave the way for more winter sports for Megan, who earlier in the day had told her grandmother that she wants to learn to ski - a fact that brought a bit of apprehension to Cathy's face.
AAOS EXPERT ADVICE: "It's so important for participants to stay alert and to take breaks when they are feeling overly tired from sports like skiing, sledding or snowboarding," said Thomas J.
Snow can mean a day off school, sledding, and most of all, Christmas.
A New Day Dawns for the Snow Sports and Sledding Industry as the Leading Innovator of Outdoor Fun Bolsters its Global Leadership in the
At the other end of the spectrum were Srilata Thirunagari of Westboro and her two daughters Shilpa and Shoba Thirukkovalur, who, sporting three brand-new, brightly colored plastic sleds were enjoying their first-ever sledding experiences.
The acquisition will provide WHAM-O with a full range of products that will offer the company a greater combined market share in the rapidly growing snow sledding industry.
2) Bailey Vitello of Brookfield, with dog in front, teaches sixth-grader Joe Hennessey, 12, right, how to harness a dog during a demonstration on dog sledding at Charlton Middle School.