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sleaze factor

The element in a political party, administration, or other organization that is corrupt, controversial, or tainted by scandal. For example, I can't see myself making a campaign contribution to them-there's too much of a sleaze factor . This slangy expression derives from the adjective sleazy, which means "vulgar" or "tawdry." The idiom was first used in politics in the 1980s.
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and sleez (sliz)
1. n. a low and despicable person. You’d expect to find a sleaze like that in a sleazoid joint like this.
2. n. any junk. I won’t sell sleez like that! I won’t even have it in my store.
3. in. to act low; to be sexually promiscuous. She looks like the type who will sleaze and lie to get her own way.


n. a repellent person, thing, or place. Gad, what a sleaze-bucket! Let me out of here!