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Also starring Cheryl Hines (of TV's Curb Your Enthusiasm), The Ugly Truth contains not one surprise as it heads towards its predictable finale, while some choice language and a 'gag' revolving around vibrating underwear needlessly up the sleaze factor.
Democrats tossed the sleaze factor at the GOP, and it struck a loud chord with the voters.
She describes Poison Sweet Madeira as having a deep Russian influence, a North African vibe, a drunken underground Romanian late-night bar feel with a Tom Waits sleaze factor creeping in.
Of course, we know all about the sleaze factor, but what about their sporting interests?
THE sleaze factor in Irish politics has somehow hit the popularity of this Government.
But the real windfall was that Clinton's political sleaze factor - bargaining for Chinese campaign cash, the rate card on the Lincoln Bedroom, a Cabinet that qualifies for a volume discount from defense attorneys, the litany of scandal stretching from Arkansas futures to stolen FBI files - had been blasted off the public's radar screen.
In-your-face, happy-clappy, alcopops, Tamagotchi, balsamic vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, genetically-modified food, sleaze factor, spin doctor, care in the community, Britpop, air-kissing and touchy-feely: the slickness, the superficially, the selndulgenc e and the mistakes of the 1990s are suggested by so many of these new inclusions.
The sleaze factor goes into overdrive when it turns out the woman is the wife of the President's biggest financial backer.
There's a deep Russian influence, a North African vibe, a drunken underground Romanian late-night bar feel and a Tom Waits sleaze factor creeping in," she said.
The second part of restoring City Hall's credibility is curbing the sleaze factor.
The sleaze factor is zero, though they'd happily admit to having a very high cheese factor.
BIG Brother housemates Paul and Stuart are next in line for the chop - as the sleaze factor in the house hots up.
The sleaze factor which Labour so relentlessly used against the last Government is now back to haunt them.
Then there's the sleaze factor, most clearly brought to light through the Oracle debacle, in which the blatant attempt of Davis aides to steer a lucrative state contract to an undeserving campaign contributor only confirmed the widespread opinion that there's nothing their boss won't do for a buck.