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like a lamb to (the) slaughter

Without concern for what is to come (because one does not foresee the trouble ahead). This phrase comes from the Bible. When I did business with Michael, I was like a lamb to the slaughter—I had no idea he was such a criminal mastermind.
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like lambs to the slaughter

 and like a lamb to the slaughter
Fig. quietly and without seeming to realize the likely difficulties or dangers of a situation. Young men fighting in World War I simply went like lambs to the slaughter. Our team went on the football field like lambs to the slaughter to meet the league-leaders.
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like pigs to the slaughter

Rur. obediently and in large numbers. (See also like lambs to the slaughter.) Look at all the people lining up to mail their tax forms on time, like pigs to the slaughter.
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like a lamb to the slaughter

Also, as lambs to the slaughter. Innocently and helplessly, without realizing the danger. For example, She agreed to appeal to the board, little knowing she would go like a lamb to the slaughter . This expression appears in several biblical books (Isaiah, Jeremiah), and the simile itself was used by Chaucer.
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like a lamb to the slaughter

If someone goes somewhere like a lamb to the slaughter, they go there quietly and obediently because they have not realized that it will be dangerous or unpleasant, or because they are powerless. His young bride walked down the aisle like a lamb to the slaughter. Note: People sometimes use sheep instead of lamb. I had no idea what the interview would be like and went to it like a sheep to the slaughter.
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like a lamb to the slaughter

as a helpless victim.
This expression is found in the Bible in Isaiah 53:7: ‘he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter’, an image later applied to Jesus.
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(like) a lamb/lambs to the ˈslaughter

(do something or go somewhere) without protesting, probably because you do not realize that you are in danger: When the war started, thousands of young men went off to fight, like lambs to the slaughter.
Slaughter is the killing of animals for their meat.
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and slaughter
tv. to overwhelm; to beat someone in a sports contest. We went out on the field prepared to slaughter them. The murdered us in the second half.


See murder


mod. drunk. Garth went out and got himself slaughtered again last night.
See also: slaughter
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