slate for

slate (someone or something) for (something)

To schedule or organize for someone or something to do something or take place at some particular time. Often used in passive constructions. You're presentation is slated for this afternoon at 3 PM. I'm slated for a meeting with the boss later.
See also: slate

slate someone or something for something

to schedule someone or something for some thing or a particular time. They slated me for a trip to Columbia, Missouri, in August. Wally slated the meeting room for his presentation.
See also: slate

slate for

1. To schedule or designate someone or something to take place at some time: Our professor has slated the history lecture for Thursday afternoon.
2. To arrange for something to be or to undergo something: The contractor has slated the building for destruction. This boss has slated me for a promotion.
See also: slate
References in classic literature ?
The first thing referred to by the sheriff was the diagram of a compass, cut in one corner of the slate for permanent use.
I will buy you a slate for your own affairs, Benjamin,” said the sheriff; “I don’t like to have the journal marked over in this manner.
3m on a building to celebrate Scottish stone quarrying - then using Spanish slate for the roof.
The use of slate for roofing dates back to thirteenth century Europe, where it was the material of choice for some of the world's most distinguished castles.
The fact that he has chosen Welsh slate for his own home is a huge source of pride for us.
SPECIAL DELIVERY Bryn Terfel will be greeting the first consignment of slate for the Millennium Arts Centre.
We were asked to price for a certain sized slate for a project in central London," he recalls.
He said LCR had ordered Ffestiniog slate for the roof and clock numerals because it was high-quality and the same shade of grey as the original.
Law and Roberts admit that between January 1, 2004 and February 2008 they were knowingly a party to carrying on the business of Welsh Slate for a fraudulent purpose.
Television programmes on gardening and home decoration have generated more orders for slate for use in and outside the home.
This order for the blue-grey slate for the Slate Wall was worth about pounds 50,000 - which is a big order.