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slash and burn

1. Lit. of a farming technique where vegetation is cut down and burned before crops are planted. (Hyphenated before nominals.) The small farmers' slash-and-burn technique destroyed thousands of acres of forest.
2. Fig. of a crude and brash way of doing something. (Hyphenated before nominals.) The new manager's method was strictly slash and burn. He looks decisive to his boss and merciless to the people he fires.
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slash (out) at someone

to thrust out at someone with a knife or something similar, with the intent of cutting. The attacker slashed out at his victim and then ran away. Max slashed at the cop with a pocketknife.
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n. a drink of liquor. Just one slash, and I have to be going.
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The deficit will not sink the economy; slashing the deficit will - or at least it will sink those in the smallest boats.
McLean, 25, of Store Street, Stanley, Perthshire, admitted slashing the tyres several times.
Still in his boxer shorts, Lavin followed the three and witnessed them slashing the tires of several other vehicles before confronting them.
Lavin told deputies one of the three seen slashing tires was wearing big black boots.
Janey was full term in her pregnancy and he was slashing the blade around as he chopped at my face.
Sentencing McLellan, judge John Beckett told him: "The slashing of your victim's face and neck has left him with disfiguring scars.
A MAN has been jailed for slashing another man with a Stanley knife in what a judge described as "warfare" between the two.
The Kings also had a five-on-three man advantage late in the second period when Teemu Selanne was called for holding (17:42) and Vincent Damphousse (18:44) was whistled for slashing.
In addition, former model and crime safety advocate Marla Hanson will offer her firsthand perspective as a survivor of a vicious slashing in 1986.
He is so furious he attacks her with a scalpel, slashing her face.
Three slashing penalties were called on Phoenix in the first two periods.
Retailers aren't slashing prices like they did a year ago.
CANOGA PARK - Two men were arrested in connection with the stabbing death of a Canoga Park man who was killed after slashing the tires of a car belonging to men he suspected of harassing his niece, police said.
Police are trying to pin down the timing of the tire slashings.