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slash and burn

1. Lit. of a farming technique where vegetation is cut down and burned before crops are planted. (Hyphenated before nominals.) The small farmers' slash-and-burn technique destroyed thousands of acres of forest.
2. Fig. of a crude and brash way of doing something. (Hyphenated before nominals.) The new manager's method was strictly slash and burn. He looks decisive to his boss and merciless to the people he fires.
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slash (out) at someone

to thrust out at someone with a knife or something similar, with the intent of cutting. The attacker slashed out at his victim and then ran away. Max slashed at the cop with a pocketknife.
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n. a drink of liquor. Just one slash, and I have to be going.
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htm) Deutsche Bank Slashes Stock Recommendations as Centrica and SSE Pledge Price Cuts
Enter Willie Walsh of BA saying that an independent Scotland would be fine providing it slashes corporation tax and airline taxes.
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Allow me to quote one of his poems, but I will use a slash mark to indicate the end of a line and two slashes for a double space instead of presenting it as shown in the book.
For law enforcement officers, the most important information gleaned from the research revealed that in every study, the average number of stabs or slashes was one and that in many cases, that one strike was enough to cause the victim's death.
The proposed 2006 budget slashes programs considered vital by local officials, including Los Angeles' Community Oriented Policing program, used to hire more police, and community block grants that fund low-income housing and other social services.